1. Gold Equaling Variable

    Is there any way to change gold to equal a variable instead of increasing or decreasing by the variable?
  2. rechronicle

    JS Condition check the Switch/Variable current value

    Hello, I am having trouble with SRD_HUD Maker. I have tried to go to script call list, but it seems different. This field (see attachment) requires a condition to fill in the blank. How to write "switch x is true/false" in JS? I might also need to check "variable x value = n". Having trouble...

    Insert string in-game to compare from a list of variables

    Hi everybody! This is my first post in this Forum, I wanna specify that I'm Italian so my English is just like ad elementary baby... I'm so sorry about that :( So, I'm going to present myself in another post later, now I'm in a big trouble (I'm sure you haven't understand what i asked from the...
  4. firststef


    Where can i effectively define a variable because it seems no matter where i put var a = 0; console.log(a) it shows undefined. Currently modifying a plugin and i need a new variable.
  5. Elissiaro

    Hud Help- Negative Variables?

    So I've been trying to make a working hud for a while now. I have 2 moving images, (and some not moving images around to frame them but those aren't important) and I want them to move left off the screen. Like this basically: Is there anyway to get like, a negative number from the "set...
  6. Skytor

    Variables to select maps?

    So I have a few different maps created and I was wondering if it is possible to use a random number generator to select up to 5 of them and change the entrances and exits with variables so they lead to each other, say I have: Map 1 Map 2 Map 3 etc. and the rng chose map 5, 7, 9 and 10 would it...
  7. Morpheus

    How to make a Variable a formula?

    Hey there. I tried googling for this but couldn't find anything on it. I'm looking for how to get a variable to be a formula, not in battle. For example: I want Variable 25 to be 10 * actor 1 MAT + 100 I am no scripter so my attempt failed. If anyone knows how to do this, your help is...
  8. Newquaza 96

    Get party member n°x's actor ID and store it in a variable

    In my RPG Maker MV game, certain events require the player to choose one party member to interact with something. For that reason, i have managed to make a multiple choice system that checks for the number of alive party members and gives a number of choices based on that. (if all 4 party...
  9. Michael Primo

    (RMMV) How to put line breaks in a variable string?

    Hello guys, My problem is this: I want to use a plugin called RS_InputDialog by Biud436 for writing a 160 character string and show in a message. The problem is this: the 160 character string is too huge for the window and I can't disable wordwrapping on variables! What must I do? Thanks...
  10. mugen808

    SOLVED - Integrate a variable in weapon Note to be used in skill damage formula

    Hello, I would like to have weapons in RMMV that modify the damage formula of skills. Like ultimate weapons in FF VII, Cloud’s sword damage formula is different depending on his current hp condition. I am not sure if what I need is just a proper syntax to type in my formula or really a...
  11. AquaticChaos

    Region ID Number from Variable

    What I'm trying to do is, based on a certain variable, it will transition the player to the Region of the same number. For example, if I'm in a room that sets the variable to 6, and I open the map, then it'll put my player at Region ID 6 on the map. Think of it like Legend of Zelda: Link to the...
  12. Shin Kitsune

    Saving variables?

    Hello. I am not sure of how to do this. I am trying to have a defined variable to be saved so it can be remember throughout the game. I am not talking about the RPG Maker variables, but about JavaScript-defined variables. I am trying to have a prompt for the player to input a certain string...

    [SOLVED] YEP_EquipCore working flawlessly, but...

    Hello! First post here, sorry if it's not in the right place (I searched for YEP_EquipCore, read many, many posts/topics until I decided to create this one) I'm using YEP_EquipCore and YEP_X_EquipRequirements, along with some other non-Yanfly plugins: No issues so far using custom parameters...
  14. rpgmaker20221

    Tutorial on creating a simple battle adviser/predicter

    Hi! This will be my first tutorial ever so if you think that there is things I can improve please let me know ^-^ ! Inspiration^-^ Okay now on to the tutorial. Have you ever played a game where you are faced with a boss encounter blocking your way; and you are underleveled because no one...
  15. Random Event Variable Help?

    So I know this has been posted before but the things I've found are not quite what I'm looking for. So basically I'm making an event where you steal from a chest (I got that part down) and if you select yes, you have a 50/50 chance of getting caught by the manager. If you get caught, you go...
  16. dcarter84

    help with a sleep # variable

    my character has been arrested and will be broken out but i'm trying to make it so he has to sleep like 5 times before certain events take place. character has the option of talking to a party member through a hole in the wall (event) checking the door which is locked, or sleeping in the bed. if...
  17. Runako

    Assistance with quest delivery system (pictures included)

    Hello, good evening (or morning, night, dusk, or afternoon depending where you're at)! :kaohi: I am asking for assistance: What would be the best way to go about this system, eventing or plugin. If eventing, then how can I set this up? I am working on a game that delivers the player a quest...
  18. Ally

    Undefined local variable or method error

    It happened to me a strange thing suddenly... I run the test project, and I get this error: Line 1? But the first line is a comment xD
  19. Rink27

    How to check a variable's digit?

    ◆Control Variables:#0237 Delivery Time = 56789 ◆Script:var x = $gameVariables.value(237); : :var y = 3; : : : :if (y = 4) { : :var z = String(x).charAt(2); : :} else if (y = 3) { : :var z = String(x).charAt(1); : :} else { : :var z = String(x).charAt(0); :...
  20. XGuarden

    Exact variable value for event

    I want to put new page on some event that react if variable have exactly some value. For unknow reason rpg maker for = or greater and it's really enoying. I explain my situation. MY game got arround 1000 hero playable. And over 100 class. if I want the event to start a specific page only if a...

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