1. AquaticChaos

    Region ID Number from Variable

    What I'm trying to do is, based on a certain variable, it will transition the player to the Region of the same number. For example, if I'm in a room that sets the variable to 6, and I open the map, then it'll put my player at Region ID 6 on the map. Think of it like Legend of Zelda: Link to the...
  2. Shin Kitsune

    Saving variables?

    Hello. I am not sure of how to do this. I am trying to have a defined variable to be saved so it can be remember throughout the game. I am not talking about the RPG Maker variables, but about JavaScript-defined variables. I am trying to have a prompt for the player to input a certain string...

    [SOLVED] YEP_EquipCore working flawlessly, but...

    Hello! First post here, sorry if it's not in the right place (I searched for YEP_EquipCore, read many, many posts/topics until I decided to create this one) I'm using YEP_EquipCore and YEP_X_EquipRequirements, along with some other non-Yanfly plugins: No issues so far using custom parameters...
  4. rpgmaker20221

    Tutorial on creating a simple battle adviser/predicter

    Hi! This will be my first tutorial ever so if you think that there is things I can improve please let me know ^-^ ! Inspiration^-^ Okay now on to the tutorial. Have you ever played a game where you are faced with a boss encounter blocking your way; and you are underleveled because no one...
  5. Random Event Variable Help?

    So I know this has been posted before but the things I've found are not quite what I'm looking for. So basically I'm making an event where you steal from a chest (I got that part down) and if you select yes, you have a 50/50 chance of getting caught by the manager. If you get caught, you go...
  6. dcarter84

    help with a sleep # variable

    my character has been arrested and will be broken out but i'm trying to make it so he has to sleep like 5 times before certain events take place. character has the option of talking to a party member through a hole in the wall (event) checking the door which is locked, or sleeping in the bed. if...
  7. Runako

    Assistance with quest delivery system (pictures included)

    Hello, good evening (or morning, night, dusk, or afternoon depending where you're at)! :kaohi: I am asking for assistance: What would be the best way to go about this system, eventing or plugin. If eventing, then how can I set this up? I am working on a game that delivers the player a quest...
  8. Ally

    Undefined local variable or method error

    It happened to me a strange thing suddenly... I run the test project, and I get this error: Line 1? But the first line is a comment xD
  9. Rink27

    How to check a variable's digit?

    ◆Control Variables:#0237 Delivery Time = 56789 ◆Script:var x = $gameVariables.value(237); : :var y = 3; : : : :if (y = 4) { : :var z = String(x).charAt(2); : :} else if (y = 3) { : :var z = String(x).charAt(1); : :} else { : :var z = String(x).charAt(0); :...
  10. XGuarden

    Exact variable value for event

    I want to put new page on some event that react if variable have exactly some value. For unknow reason rpg maker for = or greater and it's really enoying. I explain my situation. MY game got arround 1000 hero playable. And over 100 class. if I want the event to start a specific page only if a...
  11. XGuarden

    Get variable value

    I try to make this work and that did't work for unknow undefined error. Any idea? Basicly I try to read from javascript the value inside the variable number 1. $gameVariables.setValue(472,$gameVariables.Value(1)); Also with the new update, I did't see where I ned to click for solved.
  12. Variable called by function for screen resolution

    I am having an issue with a script I'm working on, I am trying to call the x and y variables to set the screen resolution, and now my brain is hurting after a little while of editing and re editing, and searching online for any way to pull this off. I am using Yanflys Core Engine with a...
  13. Nasedo

    Variables - how to solve?

    For several hours I'm trying to figure it out, how to solve my problem. I will try to explain it: I'm setting VARIABLE 001 to = 1 (event one) Event two: I want to have seven tabs related with value of variable (let's say it will be related with days of the week) Values: 1...
  14. LadyBaskerville

    Equipment Variables

    Equipment Variables v1.03 LadyBaskerville Introduction By default, equipment can change an actor's parameters like MHP, ATK and MDF, and assign a wide range of traits to the actor that has equipped it. However, what equipment cannot do, is to change variables based on which actor...
  15. Nashtya

    Changing variables dependent on actor affected

    Hi all! New to the forums here but hoping I can get some help!   I'd like to know how I'd be able to do the following during battle:  When actor A uses a certain skill (which we'll call Skill5 for fun) on one of the other actors, it changes a variable that is dependent. For example, my...
  16. Jonforum

    probleme with auto increamentation (++, +=) Operators

    hi am trying make a easy way to auto increase a variable . in this example, so  when i showPicture , the var PID and defxy[1] need to increase after show. Is work good for ++, but not the += function ActionKey(WhatToDo) { var PID = 83; // default PID for actionkey huds var defxy =...
  17. Switches / Variables inside monsters ?

    So I've been wondering for quite some time now ..can we put switches or variables on / in monsters data ? if so how to ? to make myself clear i'll put an exemple  Exemple 1: each time u kill a certain monster a certain variable add by 1 or 2 or x  Exemple 2: in a fight where u kill a certain...
  18. Transformation Variable help

    Hi, I'm trying to make an event where after MC eats/consume an item, they get a TF score. EX: Dan uses a Poison Apple. Dan gains +1 Fruit and Poison score. EX: Mali uses a Bird feather. Mali gains + 1 Air and Beast score. EX: Dan uses a Iron bar. He get +4 Iron score. Something like...

    Variable Script Call List

    I'd really like to have absolute control over variables via script call and I'm sure I can get it. Could someone create a great specific Variable Script Call List which could make eventing more easier? I mean a list of this (hope you guys understand spanish a little bit and know which...
  20. Marston

    I need help referencing an item with a variable

    Hello there. Since it doesn't look as if I am getting any help here, I am trying to do a work around. What I basically want to do, I have a variable that goes through the various categories of the database for items/weapons/armor. This is choosen at random as long as said item has been...

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