1. Nashtya

    Changing variables dependent on actor affected

    Hi all! New to the forums here but hoping I can get some help!   I'd like to know how I'd be able to do the following during battle:  When actor A uses a certain skill (which we'll call Skill5 for fun) on one of the other actors, it changes a variable that is dependent. For example, my...
  2. Jonforum

    probleme with auto increamentation (++, +=) Operators

    hi am trying make a easy way to auto increase a variable . in this example, so  when i showPicture , the var PID and defxy[1] need to increase after show. Is work good for ++, but not the += function ActionKey(WhatToDo) { var PID = 83; // default PID for actionkey huds var defxy =...
  3. Switches / Variables inside monsters ?

    So I've been wondering for quite some time now ..can we put switches or variables on / in monsters data ? if so how to ? to make myself clear i'll put an exemple  Exemple 1: each time u kill a certain monster a certain variable add by 1 or 2 or x  Exemple 2: in a fight where u kill a certain...
  4. Transformation Variable help

    Hi, I'm trying to make an event where after MC eats/consume an item, they get a TF score. EX: Dan uses a Poison Apple. Dan gains +1 Fruit and Poison score. EX: Mali uses a Bird feather. Mali gains + 1 Air and Beast score. EX: Dan uses a Iron bar. He get +4 Iron score. Something like...

    Variable Script Call List

    I'd really like to have absolute control over variables via script call and I'm sure I can get it. Could someone create a great specific Variable Script Call List which could make eventing more easier? I mean a list of this (hope you guys understand spanish a little bit and know which...
  6. Marston

    I need help referencing an item with a variable

    Hello there. Since it doesn't look as if I am getting any help here, I am trying to do a work around. What I basically want to do, I have a variable that goes through the various categories of the database for items/weapons/armor. This is choosen at random as long as said item has been...
  7. Cheah Hsun Teik

    list of variable , object/class and function/method to help in plugin creation

    list of  variable , object/class and function/method that is present in the rpgmaker mv js files and in JavaScript itself. Is it possible to list it all for me here? if not,how and where do I find them(full list)?
  8. CallMeKerrigan

    Same variable is different with each event?

    I know how to do this, but I was wondering if there was a way to simplify this. I have a pool of 64 NPC's who are generated randomly at the beginning of the game. Well, what I wanted was a variable to be attached to one NPC, and each time you talked to them the variable increased by one. When...
  9. gamebuilder101

    Check if a variable gets updated???

    I'm creating an event that the player can interact with which causes the event to be deactivated, however I want the event to be re-activated when a variable gets increased, but I have no clue how to check for if the variable was updated. So could there be a way to check if the variable was...
  10. Enemy incoming, XY distance

    Hello. At first, sorry for my poor English. I'm trying to make a game in the atmosphere of Silent Hill. If you played "Silent Hill", you probably remember the radio that was warning you when the enemy was close. The noise from the radio was getting louder when enemies were nearby. I wanted to...
  11. How to get player to trigger event when they cross a x-coordinate line?

    Basically, I'm trying to set up a set of stationary enemies that disappear when the player crosses a certain line. I imagine it has something to do with variables relating to the x coordinate on the map, but that's about it.
  12. Display Info in Menu based on Variable

    Hello, I been working on a game for a while and I've looked everywhere for this script, but I cannot find one. I essentially want a script that displays a window in the menu that has custom text based on a variable. Essentially, the game is chapter based and I have a variable that keeps check of...
  13. Conditional branch: variable higher than another variable

    Hello. So I have an quiz event and for the final results, I want to make to have a conditional branch to have a variable higher than other to determine the results. Example if Variable A is higher than Variable B, then a result will be given based on that.  The question is, how do I do that? It...
  14. charlesthehurst

    Accessing Actor and Party Stas

    Hello fine folks, I'm in need of help. Basically, I would like to be able to use script calls to access stat information for specific actors as well as the party as a whole. Actor stats:  I am aware I can already pull actor stats using variables without a script.  What I need is to be able...
  15. werdunloaded

    Increase variable after X number of steps

    I'm trying to create a Common Event where a variable increases by 1 after taking an X number of steps. For example, every 5 steps will increase the variable by 1. Then after 25 steps, that variable will be 5. Thoughts on how to accomplish this?
  16. change character with variable problem

    Hi, guy, I try to make a game with 649 pokemons, $game_variables[41] contain a number each 1....649. and I make $game_variables[32]="$$game_variables[41]" because the pokemon filename is $xxx (ex : $001, $382, $151) when I make hero.set_graphic($game_variables[32], 0, "Evil", 2) it's doesn't...
  17. KayZaman

    Relationship Goal

    Well, it's too soon to ask this question even I need to study how to use variable switch. I wanna make few events where hero have relationship bond with his/her partner or other character. In the end, one of few characters will having a special event if player reached his relationship goal...
  18. Check enemy current HP?

    I'm creating a variable in this way... variable = enemyhealth Now when I create the conditional branch if(variable < constant) As I damage the enemy, the variable does not seem to update. How do I get the variable to update.
  19. a whole list of conditions?

    Hi there, If the answer has already been covered, I apologize in advance.  Here's my dilemma! I'm trying to create situations where a randomly assigned variable will be called in a given event, and that value will trigger one of a handful of responses.  I believe I understand how to make...
  20. PurpleXCompleX

    Making a 2nd Gacha Scene that uses Variables instead of Gold as Currency

    Uh, Hey there everyone. (*´・ω・)ゞ So, i am using the official Gacha Plugin from the RPG Maker 1.1 Update what i want is a Second Gacha Scene that uses Custom Currency like a Variable. :rswt: If i were to make a copy of the Gacha Plugin, what lines in the Plugin would i have to change...

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