1. gRaViJa

    Lose time based on variable (code from rmxp available)

    In rmxp i used this code to make the player lose time based on a variable: $game_system.lose_time(60*$game_variables[2]) However, I'm not yet quite up to date of rmmv's built in functions. How would I write this in javascript? Thanks!
  2. tvorimvsevmeste

    Haw change variable in event by call script with it name

    In events can to change variable with default operands. One of them script. Please write an example where will use this variable SELF name/number. ;_;
  3. styx92

    Add state with variable to death state

    Hello there, i tried to make a death state that adds one new state by removing the death state. i'm using yanfly's Buffs and State Core The new state should be one of three states. Here is my "script" xD <Custom Remove Effect> if(1 === \v[1] && a.isActor()) { ###check if...
  4. Variables question

    Well, so this is my question: Can I make, like, that i have 3 different items(A,B and C), and those items are requierd for a quest, so when you have the 3 items you are "done" BUT if you talk to the NPC if you have item, A, B or C he told you something, and if you have like, A and B. or A...
  5. RMMV Switch/Variable Question

    Hello, I have a question about how to make an event in which an NPC will only move if you meet a certain level requirement (in this case level 5). I have watched numerous tutorials on using switches and variables but I cannot get this one to work. All of my other switches/variables work so if...
  6. HexMozart88

    Variable Confusion

    I'm trying to show the enemy's health with pictures, but I keep having some issues.  The problem: Please tell me what I am doing wrong.  It seems to be doing this with every number that goes into another digit. Whenever the first number goes to zero, it automatically resets to 9. 
  7. Milena

    Storing All Damages in a variable

    I was thinking if what can I do to store all the damages the enemy has caused the actor in a variable? When I do it on here: Game_Battler.prototype.performDamage = function() { }; But it is empty. So I don't know where to exactly look at. Can someone pin point me to the right direction...
  8. Jonforum

    Create and keep a global variable for outside plugin

    hi guys . How i can create a global variable in a plugin for use outside with a script call. ? ex: in plugin i have this var Itemdescr = []; // the global saved variable array initialise // and this Itemdescr[Pid]=Listi; after in game i have out script call in game , and i need to...
  9. Black Noise

    Equipment adding "Warmth"

    I'm using Yanfly's Actor Variables plug-in to create a Survival Needs system which works through common events  I'm making that each correspond to each party member's various needs (Very tedious work). One of the Needs I had in mind was maintaining a character's body temperature in various...
  10. Jonforum

    How to create variables dynamically [solved]

    Hi guys  How i can create a variable dinamicly in rpgmaker mv script ?? Am try to create a variable with incrementation. Tanx for help, tell me if not possible ?! Pid = 1; Listi= 1; while(Listi<=5){ PIDNAME[Pid] = $gameScreen._pictures[Pid]._name; Pid++; Listi++; } // Or i try this...
  11. omega9380

    Item use restricted by map/variable/switch

    I'm trying to create an item that heals the party for 50% of their HP and MP, and opens the save screen.  The item needs to be restricted to only be allowed use on the overworld map.  So, two questions. 1.  How best to restrict the item use?  I have tried using a Common Event, having the item...
  12. Enemy skill variable

    Hey, I am new to this tool I want to count how many times the skill is used by the enemy in the battle. I mean by that is, whenever the enemy use a skill, it will increase the chosen variable. Is there any available plugin that allow me to do this? Thanks
  13. SumRndmDde

    Actor Select Screen

    Actor Select Version 1.00 by SumRndmDde What This Plugin Does: Currently, RPG Maker MV has the ability to pull up a screen to select an Item and have its ID stored in a variable, but not the same for Actors. Well....this Plugin gives you that capability. A window...
  14. dombo813

    Adding item with variable ID

    I decided I wanted to massively cut down the time it takes for me to make random loot systems by replacing a chain of Conditional Branches with a single Script that adds an item to the player's inventory where the ID of the item is the value stored in a variable. I was using...
  15. PresaDePrata

    Make item consumption modify variable

    Hi, i'd like when an item is used for it to modify a variable, while cheking on which actor the item was used. I know it's possible to trigger a common event when an item is used, but not to check on which actor the item was used. And this is crucial to the little system i'm developing for my...
  16. Mr. Trivel

    Simple Item Tracking

    Name: Simple Item Tracking Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-06-06   About the plugin: Adds a small window above gold window (or in place of your choice) that shows tracked items and variables.   Screenshot: How to use...
  17. HydrogenHuman

    (New User) Creating Animated Events with Choices?

    Hello fellow RPG creators! I have googled searched, forum searched, and tried youtube as well but haven't been able to find a guide or solution to what I'm looking for. I'll try to explain it as best as I can, since I don't fully know the terminology yet. I want to have hand drawn...
  18. LeoEmpire

    Setting HP to a Variable

    Hi, I'm working on a somewhat customized battle system where all battlers influence 1 master HP bar of sorts. Right now I have a common event that averages each side's members' HP and sets those to a variable. Those variables will be added to until they add to 1,000. My question is, is...
  19. Soulnet

    Variable shop prices

    So I'm looking to have shops in say three different locations. Each location will have some items that over lap. We'll just call it Item A. So Scenario 1; location 1, Item A costs 100 to buy and sold to a vendor for 60. location 2, Item A costs 80 to buy and sold to a vendor for 70...
  20. piksalh

    Y value position as variable

    Hello, I’m trying to make hud that shows items count and icons. I’m using "CDR – Show variables" script. Everything works perfect except I don’t know how to set y value position in a specific way. I want item count with icon appear in hud only when player gets it. Let’s say player could have...

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