variables & events

  1. void_of_the_mind

    Script that keeps track of damage dealt to the player.

    Hello all, I have run into a snafu that I'm curious if anyone has an idea on how to implement this: Essentially, I wish to have a parallel event that runs continuously during the game that uses a conditional branch that keeps track of the player when playing as the protagonist. I want to have a...
  2. Murg1

    Variable EXP rewards?

    Does anyone know how to change the EXP reward based on the level of your actors that are in battle? I need a system where enemies that are 4 or more levels lower than your actors don't grant XP. I don't want players to feel incentivized to grind low enemies. Currently I am discouraging low...
  3. Tevi

    Help required with String Variables (Solved, but idk how to close it)

    Currently, I'm trying to make a date and time system, much like that in the Persona games, and found out that using the script section of variables, I can easily make variables into string variables as some people probably know pretty well. The problem is, I can't make conditional branches that...
  4. A bunch of tutorials

    Hey i made a bunch of video tutorials for the RPG Maker MV and wanted to share them. I literally earn nothing from it and do it for fun and to help people so I hope it's ok the way I did now. Topic: - Define borders with coordinates Brief Description: - Use variables and coordinates to define...
  5. Kakis

    RMVXA Text sound help

    So I wanted to add a text sound when messages appear, similar to undertale but I'm struggling to change pitches for characters. I've been trying with the script mentioned here: but I just don't understand how to use...
  6. Picking a number between two variables

    I want to run an event that picks a number between two variables. I have one variable that controls the total number of instances of an event, and two more that give it some variance. Say variable 1 is set to 100. I want variable 2 to be 95%, variable 3 to be 105%, and an event or script to...
  7. Trouble modifying variable in skill Formula

    Okay so what I am trying to do is make it so that if the actor uses a magical attack then my Last Skill Type variable is set to 1 and if it is physical set it to 2. This seems to partially work but not really (I explain everything below). More specifically I'm trying to make an intro battle...
  8. mylafter

    Self Variables Script

    I'm looking for a self variables script. It's similar to self switches. I have a lot of events that do the same thing but require variables to function, and changing out each variable for each event would take too long. I tried searching for the script myself, but a lot of the links I found are...
  9. Screen tint based on variable not working?

    I'm attempting to get a day and night cycle working and I'm having trouble with the screen tints. I'm using a parallel common event and 3 variables, minutes, hours and days. Every 60 frames adds 1 to minutes, at 60 minutes it adds 1 to hours and subtracts 60 from minutes. At 24 hours, it adds 1...
  10. Tsukitsune

    Combat System - Multi Stage Enemies, Database editing, & possible scripts needed?

    So I'm trying to make a combat system that revolves around multi stage enemies and skill attributes. I've messed around in the maker for hours, looking at variables, troops, skills, enemies, and common events.  But I'm at a loss as how to implement all of my ideas.  I'm not even sure if some...

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