1. PaganoCristo

    [JS] scripts for controlling variables via calculation

    Hello everyone, I am a new RPGmaker user with basic JS knowledge for web design, I'd need to learn how to get and set game variables and how to alter them via calculation. The specific situation here is an in-game clock mechanic (based on steps, NOT on playtime) I'm trying to get to work: once...
  2. DK

    Variables range - Allows you to control the value of a variable in a specified range

    Title: Vairables Range Version: 2.0.0 Author: DKPlugins Description: Allows you to control the value of a variable in a specified range. Compatibility: RPG Maker MV: 1.6+ RPG Maker MZ: 1.0+ "Help" languages: English, Russian Terms of use You can: -To use the plugin for your non-commercial...
  3. DK

    Globals - Allows you to specify variables and switches that will be "global" to all player saves

    Title: Globals Version: 2.0.0 Author: DKPlugins Description: Allows you to specify variables and switches that will be “global” for all player saves. Changes are saved in a separate file and applied when starting a new game or loading any save. Note that the changes are saved to the file...
  4. ScorchedGround

    [Guide] Simple Mana Leveling System (Custom Currencies)

    Hello everyone. Some of you may have noticed that I have been helping @Elliott404 with her leveling system during the past week. This is the Thread Unfortunately, we could not get it to work on her end and was thus abandoned. I did put considerable work and time into getting it to work...
  5. ccarmine

    [MV] Scripts in Show Text using Variables

    Hi everyone, i'd like the event to say the name of the weapon i have equipped. //in the event page I save the script in a variable: V002 = $[0] and then in the show text i put -> \v[2] but when i'm in game it gives me the text [object Object] instead of (in this...
  6. ozubon

    ozu_Self – No-Frills Self-Variables

    ozu_Self 1.0 by ozubon Introduction This is a self-variable or event variable plugin using mere 13 lines of code. Self-variables are saved with the game save, and persist through maps. Self-variables? What? Instead of using game variables for every event you can give the event its own...
  7. Xyonel

    Variables and updating/refreshing in every scene

    As title say, i must refresh some variables in every scene of the game. I managed to get this work in map scene through a parallel common event but if eg. I open main menu and change a weapon, the variable doesn't refresh. i'm using variable 41 as "attack damage" since i used the normal...
  8. Liblib71

    Variable Window From Menu?

    I have been programming in VX Ace for five years and I still can't figure out how to draw a window that displays a custom amount of variables. I just need it to look something like the parameters screen in Yanflys Status Menu Core: It doesn't...
  9. Ratatattat

    The same command chain works for some variables but not others? Please help!

    Hello! I just made this account and though I've read lots of threads here before, have never posted. I am also very new to Javascript although I've picked some things up. So I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, or my terminology is off, or anything like that. I'm creating an alchemy...
  10. A hunger/energy system that works with MOG Time System?

    Hi, everyone! I found this old thread in the forums posted by someone with a similar problem! It doesn't have the solution, however. What I'm trying to do is to create a custom hunger / energy system that works with MOG Time System. The basic idea is to create a variable for hunger and for...
  11. gsuk

    Multiple Enemy Die Variables (Falcoa abs)

    I want to increase 2 different variables when enemy dies using Falcoa ABS script ( As the moment, if you place, for example, Enemy Die Variable = 40 and then Enemy Die Variable = 45, it only increases variable 40 and ignores any after...
  12. karinthefox

    The Journal I made doesn't work. Please, help!!

    Hello, everyone! I'd really appreciate if someone could lend me a hand with this issue. I've been following this tutorial to make a Journal for my game (my game isn't point and click but I think the tutorial can still be used). I tried contacting the person who made the tutorial but they...
  13. kyonides

    KReaper XP

    KReaper XP v1.2.1 by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction This scriptlet of mine should let you do a few things you might already do via common events, switches and variables, namely killing your heroes or foes with a hidden timer! :o Yes, you can use skills! I would suggest the following names...
  14. Variables to pick up when party order is changed

    Hi yall! I recently fell in love with this alt bust menu plugin and I had the idea that, since my game is only going to have one character playable at a time, I could add invisible actors to the party and make a sort of card menu. When a player uses the formation option and selects a "card" and...
  15. Trying to make Event HP variables

    Ok, hopefully you can follow me on this one, cause it gets a bit confusing. Right now, as you can see in the screenshot, I have a side shooter. It works good, but I'm trying to make it easier. I'm using GALVs Map Projectile Plugin, which allows me to shoot and be shot at by projectiles, with a...
  16. Eliaquim

    Declaring variables for better readability of the code

    Hi people! :D Well, it's me again with another doubt... In my plugin I have a lot of this: SceneManager._scene._helpWindow; SceneManager._scene._categoryWindow.currentSymbol(); Eli.Param.HelpWindows.menuText; Eli.Param.HelpWindows.etc; So, to keep the lines short, I have assigned these...
  17. Derex000

    Text Codes Not Working Within Script Variable

    Okay to summarise my problem I want to use text codes within the text generated by a variable script. So for example when I set Variable 1 to Script and I write the script as "She screamed,\\. he looked horrible!" I want that text code to be called so it pauses for a fraction of a second. Or in...
  18. DreamingUtopia

    How do I compare multiple variables?

    First of all, I'm new here, so I'm sorry if I'm in the wrong section of the forum! I'm currently making my very first game and I wanted to do multiple endings. I thought about setting variables that increase with specific dialogue choices so that the highest variable will determine which ending...
  19. Treckie

    Variables in Combat

    First of all: Sorry if I post this in the wrong thread, still kind of new to the world of forums. I am searching for a possibility to use variables in order to alter some stats during the combat. To put it simple: I am trying to make some kind of berserker-class, which uses rage. Every move...
  20. UnderYourCloset

    Terrax Lighting action key for on/off?

    I'm using Terrax lighting, and I figured out how I can make it look like a flashlight. Basically I wanna be able to press a key to turn it on, then press the same key to turn it off. I was experimenting with conditional branches but the problem is it only works if I have on as one button, and...

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