1. SorbetInAPie

    All mirrors checked, and a question about self-switches

    I want to make a fun little side-quest in my game in which throughout it, if you check every single mirror in the game, it adds to a counter. By the end of the game, you will see a final mirror (They're not important to the plot) and if you have looked at every other mirror in the game, you get...
  2. asuran20

    Is there a way to use less variables or does it not matter that much?

    I am completely new to RPG Maker and I am curious about variables. If I want to set an event that needs a character, I could assign him a variable and call it when I need an event that only runs with him but, I quickly realized that thousands of variables would be used for things like this...
  3. Get the number of items, weapons and armor in inventory?

    So basically, i want a event that checks how many of a item, weapon or armor you have and then i want it to give me that information into a variable and if it's possible i also want to have one variable that counts everything but i'm guessing it's probably inefficient or very hard to do so
  4. Myers & Sparks

    RMMV Yanfly Attachable Augments Question

    Hey, I looked around here and RPG Maker Reddit, couldn't find an answer so I thought I'd ask here. Does anyone know if YEP Augments can increase variable? I have tried a few ways and couldnt get it working. I would like, if possible that when an augment is equipped it increase a variable by x...
  5. Lord Vectra

    [RMXP] Allow "Awesome Show Choices" to check for global variables

    Here's the link to the script (but I think you need to log in so I'll have it below too): Link What I need is for it to also check for global variables. That's pretty much about it. So if I do something like "$RPG = 1" in a script somewhere, it'd be nice to be able to have a choice appear or...
  6. Gender variables within dialogue

    Hello all, After failing miserably to write a script myself, I come to you for help. For localisation purposes I want to support gendered dialog. For English, there is of course no issue, but some languages have gendered verbs, adjectives and nouns... As it would increase the amount of dialog...
  7. Using variables, condition branches and common events for a limited item quest.

    Hi, I feel like this question has been answered a thousand times, but I couldn't make much sense of the answers I found about it and didn't want to necro-thread. So, I have an item that drops from enemies and a vendor that wants to purchase that particular item. To make sure it wasn't sellable...
  8. CORE88

    RMMV - Get Selected Actor's ID Using Variables?

    Hello World, Forgive me if this question has already been answered, I am new to RPG Maker. I am trying to use Variables and Common Events to accomplish a monster evolution event using an item that calls on a common event. In the common event, I am trying to have logic get the SELECTED party...
  9. swordsvswords

    RMMV Make a variabels from MOG_ToolHUD current active tools.

    Hi, I use mog hunter plugin to set my rmmv to abs mode. I want to ask. Is it possible to create a variable from equipment in use? For example when selecting fireball, set var 01 to variable 1, when selecting Lightning set var 01 to 2 and so on. Likewise with items. All help is very much...
  10. SwordSkill

    RMMZ RPG MZ API Global Variables?

    I checked RPG Maker MZ's API and noticed that there are no global variables listed unlike RPG Maker MV's API. So where are the global variables of RPG Maker MZ listed?
  11. Guarii

    Create various game endings through player choices.

    Hello brothers! I wanted to ask you about a fairly simple way to create various game endings. That is, that if you do actions during the game at the end it can change the fate of the story. How does this work with variables or switches? Could someone explain it to me? Thanks and sorry for my...
  12. Lupinion

    How to turn a Hotspot into a Variable?

    A Common Event needs to check on the current status of a Hotspot on a Scene where this event is called in order to proceed. Does anybody know how to make this possible? I wish to make this Hotspot a Persistent Variable to be called by different Common Events that need to know the status of the...
  13. Mercedes90

    Make a Randomized Variable not to run the same number twice in a row?

    The title itself is the full question. I've been doing randomized commands inside a few events that I'm currently working on and the way the Control Variable, when set to operand "Random between 1 to 10", sometimes is randomly choosing the same number two to three times in a row, giving the end...
  14. Mercedes90

    Need help with Money Loan, Debt, and Taxing system

    Alright, I've already made a banking system in my game where the Player can either withdraw or deposit money in the bank. But that's kind of a little boring in my taste. I want to expand that greatly. The green area of the Variables in the screenshot below is what I have made to create a banking...
  15. Acidicjester

    Need help with variables | Discord call

    Hi community I hope you're all doing well. I've run into something that I'm pretty sure i'm overlooking but can't seem to understand. Typically in these posts I'll usually drop screenshots and a big lengthy description with my issue but my event page looks like a hot mess. So actually if anyone...
  16. Banjo

    RMMV Need to simply show a varaible onscreen at a specified position

    I've been searching for the past few days for a simple plugin (since I don't believe it can be done natively) that lets me display text/variables on screen at all times during a game. Nothing fancy and not a picture, just something basic like one or two lines that displayed "Lives: x" or...
  17. RMMV Easy way to get decimals in your Variables | Plugin for decimals support

    I've noticed that a lot of people seemed to have problems using decimals in their variables, which I never got since mines always worked just fine, until recently, when I had to start a new project with zero plugins. So I did some digging and found it! With Pixi Filter Controller your game...
  18. need help with a conditional branch.

    nvm i fixed it.
  19. RMMV ABS Alpha / Kill Count

    Hello guys, I'd like to make a simple kill 10 of something quest. Im using ABS Alpha, is it possible to count the kills? If yes how can i add the variables to the enemies? Thanks for the answers :))
  20. Tiffypowers79

    [RMMV] X amount of gold for X amount of items?

    So, in my game, I'd like to have the player collect items from battles. Said items could then be sold to someone for a fixed fee each time. Let's say it's 100g per item, if they had two, it'd be 200g. Is there a way to do this without any plugins?

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