1. HUD Maker – MV Plugin variable conditionals

    Hello, I just wanted to ask whether its possible to use variable conditionals for HUD elements in plugin. More specifically, is it possible to make a certain HUD element appear/change when a variable reaches a specific value? For example a day and night cycle would...
  2. sutorumie

    how to store an escape character in a variable string?

    I'm attempting to make random NPC dialogue by setting up a variable to store the dialogue into, then defining the variable as a text string which is randomly selected via condition branch / rng variable. However, when I want to make the NPC say the player character's name, it instead displays it...
  3. Picking a number between two variables

    I want to run an event that picks a number between two variables. I have one variable that controls the total number of instances of an event, and two more that give it some variance. Say variable 1 is set to 100. I want variable 2 to be 95%, variable 3 to be 105%, and an event or script to...
  4. Dolce99

    How do I trigger a condition switch?

    I am trying to create a conditional event wherein the pc will die/ receive a game-over when their hp=0. I do not want to use the 'battle mode' that comes with RPG maker, rather when the pc runs into an object and looses health to the point where their hp =0, they will die. How do I make the...
  5. Koi

    Removing item from inventory based on variable?

    I'm creating a potion making system in my game confined to a single event tile. It's going to allow the player to select anything from key items to add into the cauldron, whether or not it's the correct one in the correct order to make a specific potion. I'm using Select Key Items for this with...
  6. Flaqko

    Choices in events be variables and show variable name

    Ok so im making an event that makes me choose one of my followers for a one vs one. I made the followers be variables example variable 1= party member 1 and so on. I made the npc ask who i would like to choose and to make it show choices. i want the choices 1-4 to be variable 1-4 but idk how to...
  7. Gravemaster

    State Increasing Variables Temporarily?

    Hey, how's it going? 1)In my game, Broken Reality, I have included the "Intoxication" state, which is caused by consuming alcochol. I want it, apart from its normal effects (the ones I can induce with VX Ace's original capabilities), to also temporarily raise two variables by one, when applied...
  8. Accessing Plugin Variables in Events

    Hello! Hopefully this is the right section for this post: I'm writing a simple plugin that defines a Map and modifies the map entries via pluginCommand. I'm wondering how I could access the values in the map during an event if, say, I want to create a conditional that requires a certain value...
  9. Aryn

    Yanfly Durability Repair w/ Variables?

    Unfortunately, although I have a little familiarity with code, I don't really understand how the plugins work in detail, so I'm not sure what I can and can't input. I think with Yanfly's Lunatic Mode at least I should be able to do this, but I'm not sure about the syntax. So, I like Yanfly's...

    qPicture Plus - click pictures : set variables

    qPicture Plus Variables control ! Hi there, Here is my small contribution to the Quxios plugin "qPicture", made for qPlus the library. The link to download the original plugins : /!\ you cannot use qPicture if you don't have the qPlus.js plugin activate upper...
  11. Braxillian

    Random variables with no repeating.

    I've looked at multiple threads that seem to cover almost what I'm looking for but I have little to no knowledge of scripting. I'm attempting to do a random roll to determine a number of spawns 0 to 3, then place an event at one of 11 different spots on a map based on the number. The problem...
  12. Alexaaskov

    Problem: Collecting variables into one

    So I have been tinkering with variables in RMXP and it hasn't exactly been easy. Most forums that helps with variable-related problems doesn't use RMXP. I have been trying to add the content of one variable to another variable. I don't mean something like: Var(3) = Var(1) + Var(2) But...
  13. ddblue

    I know it's possible to link in-game steps to a variable, but can the variable be reset?

    Hey everyone. I'm trying to create a flashlight / battery system. I will decide the final values later, but for now I'd like a battery to go dead after 50 steps. I've found several flashlight tutorials, but they're all frame based - I really want a step based system. Here's how I did it: 1...
  14. CallMeKerrigan

    Picture to Variable Plugin?

    In VX Ace there was a script by NeonBlack that came with Celianna's Rural farm tiles. It was a script where you could assign a picture to a variable that would appear on screen at all times as long as the variable was met. For example if Variable = 10 then a picture you had assigned to the...
  15. Hero_Claive

    Conditional eval for Game_Troop member

    I've been trying to figure this out for the better part of the last two hours, so I'm throwing in the towel and coming here. Basically, I'm trying to write a snippet where an actor becomes affected by x state while an enemy is present. The first part of placing the conditional eval is easy...
  16. cub36

    controlling variables with a state.

    Hi guys, I'm currently using Yanflys Buffs and states core to add to or subtract from a variable whilst a character is affected by a state. However my JS ability is next to non existant :( Does anyone know how I could control variables through note tags or point me in the right direction to...
  17. cub36

    Ability to control variables within States

    I'm looking for a plugin that would allow me to control variables within states. For example I would like to be able to add or subtract from variables based on what states my characters are currently affected by, these changes would need to be undone once the character no longer has said...
  18. ddblue

    Is it possible to have a variable determine what skill is learned at a given level?

    Hello! I was wondering if it’s possible to achieve the following: Harold speaks to an NPC During the conversation, Harold is faced with a “good” dialogue choice and an “evil” dialogue choice. Good choice = good variable +1 Evil choice = evil variable +1 Depending upon whether Harold has more...
  19. cub36

    Controlling variables with item equip

    Hey guys I'm looking at implementing a system in my current project that would put some more emphases on equipment selection. Eg having armour that changes certain variables when equiped. I have an idea for a character warmth mechanic that would apply states to the character depending on how...
  20. Ichigoeater

    How to place multiple, separate events on one tile

    Hi, everyone. I am VERY new to the RPG Maker game system, but have gone through tutorials for literal days. I've tried looking for an existing post to my problem, and it may be telling that it doesn't seem to exist. This may be a stupid question. You see, in my game there is a point where...

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