1. HexMozart88

    Variable For Player MP?

    So, I've been working on an event battle system, which, for the most part is working smoothly, however, I am trying to make it possible to use magic. I want to use a conditional branch with a variable to check if the player can use magic, but I don't know how to assign MP to a variable for the...
  2. The_Sixth

    Images in battle using variables ( need help )

    I'm having trouble getting images to appear in the battle screen, i have a variable that is constantly adding +1 to itself with the standard 'attack' skill via a common event, and i want images to appear on screen corresponding to each change in the variable. i tried using the 'Event Battle' on...
  3. Combining the value to two variables

    I've lurked for hours and couldn't find an answer to this one. I've been stomped for hours and maybe it's just because I'm tired, but I've never had to attempt this before. I need to be able to add together (or multiply) two variables that are defined by what the player does throughout the...
  4. piksalh

    CDR - Show Variables both on map and battle

    Hello, I’m trying to make a hud that displays items count and icons. I’m using "CDR – Show variables" script. Everything works perfect except I don't know how to display variables on battle scene. Can You help me finding out how to do it? If it's not possible, maybe anyone knows similar...
  5. Event activation upon enering certain distance

    Hi! I am trying to activate this event, when my player goes near it. I have set up variables: variable1 = player x (on map) variable2 = player y (on map) variable3 = event x (on map) variable4 = event y (on map) I want to make a script for conditional branch which would...
  6. Scrumplet

    Party Member Swapping Trouble

    So, I'm having a ton of trouble trying to create a Swapping system for my game. For example. One section has an npc (event) that states, "you have too many people in your party, would will you remove?" At this point, each choice has a defined variable saying that variable is equal to the actor...
  7. Rikifive


    How they work? As far as I know it's like @instance_variable, but it's accessible in the whole game. Because instance variables are stored in the class etc. then I assume they're getting removed (nil-led) upon terminating/disposing. But what about global variables? They're stored in the...
  8. SumRndmDde

    Debug Display (See variables, coordinates, and much more displayed on your screen!)

    Debug Display Version 1.00 by SumRndmDde What This Plugin Does: Simple and easy: Shows you a whole ton of customization information pertaining to your game on-screen as text. Just watch through the video, it'll make sense. How to Use It: First, install the...
  9. Makeing a "Befriend/Mercy" skill thing

    Im needing some help with a type of thing im working on a "script" useing the skill battle system to beable to locate bolth the enemy ID and the troop enemy ID  ive got the enemy id figrued out but i am needing help with the troop enemy id... what i am needing is to find what place is the...
  10. RainbowGrenade

    Track item sales with variables?

    What I'd like to do is pretty simple, but search as I may, I can't seem to find any info on how to do it.  I would just like to have variables attached to certain items that will increase as they are sold.  I found one script that seemed like it would work, but it wasn't working/compatible and...
  11. jaypee

    Make the enemy/event remember current location

    Hi guys during the time I was creating a game I have learned alot regarding the commands and controls of rpgmaker which takes painfully time for me to learn ;_; so as the game development progressed I realized the game creation is becoming a little bit more complex. I just stumbled upon this...
  12. Punamaagi

    Showing variables in the Status menu

    Hi again, forums. I'm making a game with four playable characters, and I'd like to include a simple friendship/"reaction" system in it. Basically, each character has a variable called "X reaction" (where X is the name of the actor) which represents that character's relationship with the main...
  13. Eff-n-Geoff

    Help needed for effect when a variable is over a certain number

    Hi there, this one is taxing me a little ... I have a variable that is sporadically increased throughout the game when certain events occur. It is also constantly reduced by one every 60 frames. When that variable goes over 60, I would like it to trigger a visual effect If that variable...
  14. LynX

    Special variable checked number from variable

    Hi I making logical puzzle and I need some command to get it work fine. Im usining conditional branch to check the X and Y position and... I would like to know how set this to work: $[$game_variables[581]].x = 8 (where $game_variables[581] the value of the next event ID) ...
  15. More Detailed Save Screen

    Good morning! I'm looking for a script that would show more data on a save file; specifically main character's name, playtime, and some variables. Why? I have a game that I'm using in my public school. Because the free data space is very limited, a single class has to use a single save...
  16. Tsuaja

    Scripting Help?

    Okay, so I'm attempting to allow the player to choose an amount of items they wish to buy, with the amount stored into variable 16, and so this variable is supposed to set the price, multiplying the amount by the price, in this case, 10. Everything but this works, setting the price to the amount...
  17. Syndicate

    RPG Maker MV: Relationship/Friendship System (&More!)

    Hey! Welcome back to another RPG Maker MV tutorial. As always, the download link is below to get straight into the demo! This one covers storing a relationship/friendship value in a variable to be used to establish some sort of connection with characters around your world. Like a...
  18. Script calls and in game variables

    Hey guys, new to the forum so not sure if I'm posting in the right place but here goes. Pretty new to RPG Maker, but I do some knowledge of other languages... heres my question: I'm using Vlues Basic Quest Control system, and within it he has set a script call for "set_obj(:questid...
  19. YvetteJene

    Reccetear-Like Shop window UI.

    Hey, everybody-- I currently have a shop system set up where the PC can set out items and sell them to customers much like the game Reccetear. However, I'm lacking the User Interface required to make it seamless. In Reccetear, the game relies on a base price, a percentage mark-up, and the end...
  20. Tsukihime

    Pre-Emptive Battle Events

    Ever wanted more control over whether your party will get a pre-emptive strike when a battle begins, or a surprise attack from the enemy? This plugin provides you with a way to guarantee a pre-emptive or surprise by setting some variables. he variables determine how many battles the...

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