1. Jellicoe

    Getting inside custom vehicle

    I used Victor Engine Scripts to make a new vehicle. In my case a wagon. I wanted to retain the default boat, ship, and airship vehicle so I wanted to make a fourth vehicle. I was able to successfully make the vehicle. Its on the map and I can get in and out and drive around. My issue is that I...
  2. Anakin5417

    Set Vehcile location not working

    I’m new to RPG making but I learn quick and know how to make a game but I have this problem and I can’t find a solution that works anywhere so I thought I’d just ask. When I use an event to set a location for my boat to go it won’t go there it just stays where it is can someone please help.
  3. Hororo

    train request (subway edit)

    i would like to request to make a train like this one: same design, but different size make the size of that train a bit bigger so it can fit with sprites that im using probably like the sam size of this train:

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