1. AdrionK10

    Help With Random Encounters in Vehicles

    Hello, I'm very new to Javascript, I have some understanding of scripting having studied and used C#. I'm trying to get encounters to work only when i'm in a vehicle. Basically i'm making a pirate game and I only want encounters to happen when my party is on the ship sailing somewhere. Can...
  2. TheAdventStudio

    Need help with vehicle script [VX Ace]

    I am not sure how one would do this, but I found a (commonly used) formula to make a boat able to work on land and not on sea, making way to use a car sprite and effectively making a car. That said, it can also drive on the sidewalk, and that isnt something I am wanting. SO, is it possible to...
  3. Sednaiur

    Portable vehicles?

    I successfully could create tracks that can only be traversed with a minecart (a reskinned ship-vehicle) but also crossed by the actors at certain tiles, by using Yanfly's AreaRestriction and VehicleRestrict plugins. Now, what I need to accomplish is to have the minecart-vehicle disappear after...
  4. Ivan Davidov

    TwoTile Vehicles - Bus or Carriage

    Hey-hey, How do you create a two tile vehicle? The carriage, for instance, has two tiles (the horse and the carriage). The default mode has only one tile, meaning that either the carriage or the horse is going to be animated. How do you make sure that both the front and back of the bus is on the...
  5. Help Me...

    So I have RPG Maker 2003, and I'm trying to replace the boat sprites with bus sprites that i found, and the creator said anyone was free to use. I made them 256 color png files, but i don't know what size it should be. And I can't script...
  6. Gilgadin

    ***Looking for Airship Vehicles Worldmap and Titleset PLEASE HELP***

    Hi all, I was searching quite a bit long without success for good Airships for my RPG MAKER MV game now. Unfortunately I am a total desaster when it comes to drawing and painting. A stickman is the only recognizable thing i can draw. Can someone provide me some links or if a creative ghost...
  7. tylerash

    Simple parkable/reboardable land vehicle through events

    For anyone trying to use land vehicles in their game, I realized there's a very simple way to get the same effect as the built-in vehicle feature without any scripting in just a couple event pages. Page 1 is the idle vehicle without anyone driving it. Activating it plays a little animation of...
  8. tylerash

    Tyler's 1913 Ford Model T in 8 different colors (MV)

    I've noticed a total lack of vintage car sprites, so here's a charset of the original 1913 Model T in eight colors to fill that gap. Pretty happy with how they turned out. They're free to use for non-commercial games. For commercial games please contact me and we can work something fair out. I...
  9. More Vehicles to Rm2k and Rm2k3

    This system is somewhat complex. For this reason I did not write a tutorial, I just created a demo to be analyzed. In this example there are 5 vehicles of each type: 5 terrestrials (Boat converted to land) 5 water vehicles (Ship) 5 Airships How it works: Each vehicle is a map event that...
  10. Ivan Davidov

    Bike/Car/Bus as Worldmap-Vehicle

    Hallo Everyone, I am making a game in a contemporary setting. Ballon and wooden ships do not fit, but there must an animated bike or bus or car that people use on the world map for travel. Thanks ivan
  11. eBuddy

    Vehicle animation issue

    Hello! I have made custom sprites for the ship so that it looks like my main character is swimming. I managed to make the "get on vehicle" smooth, so the vehicle and player don't show at the same time. The issue is when the player gets off the vehicle. The swimming player (vehicle sprite) is...
  12. EliteFerrex

    Battle BGM/Battleback Problems

    Hello, everyone. I'm having difficulty trying to make sure my battle BGMs and Battle Backs work correctly once the player has access to the Ship, because I don't want the wrong Battle Back or BGM playing in the wrong area of the world map. Before the player had the Ship, I simply controlled...
  13. Gyfera

    Check if player is in vehicle?

    Forgot that I made an account here since so long ago that it took a while to remember my details... and this is my first post. The game I'm making is military-themed with bits and pieces of steampunk; there will be tanks (thanks to William Couillard's Land Vehicle script) and I have a tank...
  14. RoseStark

    Boat exiting on event

    So I´m having trouble on how to change the boat graphic to the character graphic. This is the scenary. I want to put the character on the boat and when the boat reached that event that it's selected, a cutscene happens. I have created an event to transfer the player to the map I want...
  15. Soulnet

    Can you count steps while in a vehicle?

    I've tried to use the adding steps variable thing and it works well while not in a vehicle, but not whilst in a vehicle. Is there something obvious i'm missing to count vehicle steps?
  16. Skunk

    (Help) I am trying to create a spawnable vehicle using events

    Hey guys. I am working on a project at the moment and am trying to figure out how to use events to create a flying vehicle that you can spawn using an item. Im making it so you when you use "orb", an orb literally shows up beside/over top of you and you can fly around the map in it. I...
  17. Moving Vehicle with Conversation HELP?

    Ok,  So I got an event that has a temporary party member (a car, that scrolling down a street, using parallel process, and having a set move route that is repeating for the party), a scrolling map, and a event of my characters having a conversation. I have it, so when the characters stop...
  18. Moving Vehicle cutscene.

    Hello. I need to make a cutscene where a vehicle is moving. I imagine it like a bus is at the center, making some sort of shaking to imply that it is moving, it has a background of mountains which scrolls horizontally to make it look like that the bus is traveling. How do I do this? I don't have...
  19. VesperCire

    Vehicle Questions

    I was messing around on MV with vehicles and I made an event where the ship is on land and after you talk to it, the ship goes in the water. It works all fine until I tested if the ship would go back on land after I left, like I had put in the event. I leave the map and come back and it's still...
  20. Sriseru

    Get On/Off Vehicle Upon Player Transfer

    Is there a way to transfer the player to another map where they are immediately put on a vehicle? For example, let's say that the player starts on a map of a ship where they can interact with the crew and whatnot, and if they interact with the steering wheel they are transferred to the overworld...

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