1. Mr. Trivel

    Vehicle Music Fix

    Name: Vehicle Music Fix Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-01-27   What does it do? Changes how music and vehicles work.   Screenshots: Can't show sounds.   How to use? Turn it on and you're done.  ...
  2. gilgamar

    Minecart Plugin

    Minecart Madness v1.02 by Gilgamar Introduction Adds a minecart vehicle to the game. This is my first plugin so go easy on me! Feedback appreciated. Now on GitHub! Dungeon_D.png Playable Demo Version v1.02 No longer need to edit System.json as minecart is added at...
  3. ShidoLionheart

    Get Vehicle X Y Coordinates

    How can I set a Variable equal to Vehicles (like boat or airship) location? For Puzzles I can make a Variable equal to Player MAP X and Y, but I want to do the same with the Airship. How can I do that?
  4. zombiefy

    Vehicle Racing Help

    So I have been tinkering around for a few hours on how to make a race that involves obstacles. Basically, the player races against an NPC for extra money. I have made it to the point that if the player wins, he/she gets the money, however, if the NPC wins, he/she looses the race. How would I go...
  5. izyees

    Izy's Vehicle Radio

    Izy's Vehicle Radio @izyees Introduction It's boring when you play the same song when driving? Now it's not with my Vehicle Radio Plugin. You can now randomly change your radio by pressing 'L' or whatever key you want. Features You can have an unlimited song to play. Easily add and remove...
  6. Silenity

    Vehicle on/off

    Ok. So at the beginning of my gave I have my PCs starting in an airship. I then have the airship move and end up crashing onto the mainland. During the crash I have the screen fadeout. When it fades back in I want the player to disembark from the airship. However, when the I set the vehicle...
  7. vidiotdragon

    Ship Music

    I am having the hugest headache with this. I have a map, with BGM, and a boat at a port. I get on the boat and the boat music plays. I then transfer to a new map, which has no music, and then I transfer to another map which does. The moment I get off the boat the music FROM THE VERY FIRST MAP...
  8. Karberus

    Simple Land Vehicle

    Simple Land Vehicle by Karberus       Versions: Current Version: 1.2    Introduction: This plugin will replace the boat vehicle and make it into a vehicle that can be driven in land, but not in water.     Features: Drive a vehicle in land Set the speed of the land vehicle Set whether...
  9. dubiousdeeds

    Follower in Separate Vehicle

    Hi everybody, I have a scooter as my main vehicle in my game and I would like if my follower would tail behind me on another scooter as well.  Basically mimicking the way they already follow me when I'm on foot.  Does anyone know of a way to make this happen or if a script has been created to...
  10. Forcing entry into a vehicle - Help!

    Greetings! I'm trying to make a swimming system and a flight one. The point is that the swim is almost exactly equal to the Vehicle boat (not ship), with the difference that it is not necessary to interact with the boat on the map, but just touch the Tile of water (I choose Tag == 2). But the...
  11. LeeOccleshaw

    Followers follow vehicles?

    Is there a scripted way to make followers follow a vehicle rather than 'getting in' with the main actor without the use of events? I'm asking because my vehicle is actually a segway with the main actor visible and it looks odd with the follower simply disappearing rather than running behind...
  12. devonair320

    Boat Turns but Doesn't Move

    As said, my ship turns but doesn't move no matter what. I'm using the Dungeon tileset, and I'm using the first tile in A1. I've tried the second tile, and I've tried both the boat and the ship, and neither work. Both seem to be able to turn though, just not move. I've changed both tiles that...
  13. haskav

    (HELP) How to make vehicle land on certain tiles

    The title says. So how to make vehicle land on certain tiles? For example I want to make ship can only land on the beach tile and airship cannot land on desert tile. Any idea? Thx Another question, what is terrain tag can really do? any example?
  14. Sausage_Boi

    Certain Events Activated ONLY While in Vehicle?

    Hey all, back again with more questions... :P I was curious if anybody knew if it would be possible to set up an event that can only be activated while in a vehicle? Is there anyway to turn on/off a switch, or a variable when I get into a vehicle? For example: If I have a house with an event...
  15. ianbach

    I am trying to figure out how to make a car my char can use

    Hello I am making a zombie game and I want to make a car vehicle sorta like the boat or airship ones. My game is a zombie game that mimics the movie "shaun of the dead" So I am stuck at how do I make a car my character would be able to use ...
  16. How do you change a vehicle sprite

    Hello I am having a bit of trouble, you see in my game at one point the characters get a dragon to ride on but instead of a dragon showing up instead I get the default airship sprite even though I went to the database and changed it. So if anyone knows how to fix it thats great if not then I...
  17. Hunor

    Is there a way to transfer from one map to another map while you are riding a vehicle?

    Is there a way to transfer from one map to another map while you are riding a vehicle and stay riding that vehicle?
  18. Vehicle Graphic Change!

    Greetings, I'm currently using Victor's Custom Vehicle Script: http://victorscripts.wordpress.com/2011/12/30/ve-custom-vehicles/ It's great and all, BUT Is there a script that can change vehicle graphic when it enters AND when it gets off a vehicle? I know using conditional branch works...
  19. Joby

    Land Vehicle Help

    I wanted to use this sprite for my boat, and I wanted to make it into a land vehicle. The problem is, when I got to this site (http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/8787-land-vehicle-101/), I had no Idea what to do :P Can somebody PLEASE post a video tutorial or something to help? 'Cause I'm...
  20. Pikafox

    Futuristic Vehicle - Graphics Request

    Hello, I just recently began making a futuristic-style game with RPG Maker VX Ace. I'm not great at making sprites, so would anyone be able to make me some futuristic vehicle designs? I have some images, but don't completely rely on them; add some touches that you would think of as an...

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