1. Arisete™

    Land Walking Speed

    I been messing around with "Game_Vehicle" for awhile now, I was able to change the default movement speed for Airship/Etc. But I can't seem to figure out how to make it so my Walk speed changes to "3 (2x Slower)" AFTER I land my Airship or Dock my Boats. It will always revert to "4 (Normal...
  2. Amanda Jackson

    Vehicle Music

    I have a little problem with Ace. I want the same music to play regardless of whether the player is riding a vehicle or not, but if I set the vehicle sound to None, music stops everytime I board a vehicle. If I set it to the same music that plays on the map, the music stops whenever I'm not...
  3. Julien Brightside

    Kalez's Art Table

    Really like those snowy chests and floating barrels.

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