1. The Art of Gaming

    Vehicles not workimg?

    Ok, so when I try to move the boat vehicle around in both animated and still water it doesn't seem able to move other than to turn. Are the vehicles in RPGM VX ACE buggy or something? Thanks, Art of Gaming
  2. EliteKilljoy

    Modern Tiles & Vehicles

    Hey, I'm making a modern game and am in need of some major tilesets along with vehicles. I don't want futuristic, but I want more modern than the stock RPGM tiles, if that makes sense. Thanks!
  3. alberach

    Need help - Vehicles

    I'm about to do the ending of my first project, but I can't quite figure out how to do what I want to do. I want the characters to have a converstion on the dock (that I know how to do), then have them board a waiting ship and sail off the screen. As the ship sails off, I want the screen to fade...
  4. Shiokazu

    Vehicles: How they work and how to add a new one

    i'll keep it short, with a quick intro. i never scripted anything in my life nor i know anything about ruby, i was trying to figure out alone how vehicles work reading through the code thats default within the rpg maker. /breathes/ I am now stuck with a thing, i need a vehicle, simply because...
  5. Misty

    Commercial use tileset Links. vehicles, hospital tilesets, futuristic tilesets

    Hello, I'm looking for vehicle, hospital, and futuristic tilesets that can be used for commercial use. -Hover bikes -Futuristic room tilesets -Hospital room supplies, nurse sprites, and tiles. -Spaceships and city tilesets -Robots Thank you, ZEFK
  6. Mr. Detective

    Making vehicle events.

    Hi guys, I am trying to make a vehicle event that could move across the map, then jump back to the starting point, change its sprite, and repeat the move route. I got it to work using the move route so far. But the problem is: I have to be chasing after the event for it to keep moving. If it...
  7. Dr. Madd

    Chopper, Motorcycle, Military Cars, and Boat Sprites

    Good Tidings from the MEMFIS Corporation, I am currently working on a game based on a modern theme with RPGMAKER VX ACE. But I can't seem to find any Spritesheets for any of the said vehicles above anywhere. :( If anyone could please supply a sprite of the above vehicles, I would really...
  8. Vehicle Use - Possible to require a key?

    So I am trying to create an event where the player needs to find a "Boat Key" item in order to be able to use the boat vehicle to travel. Is it possible to have the boat be in its starting position (visible to the player), but not usable until the player picks up the boat key? Currently I have...
  9. how do vehicles work?

    i can't for the life of me think of anything to possibly search for that brings up what should be a really simple question. how does the stock vehicle system determine what tiles a certain vehicle can and can't cross? it's not like i can set tiles as water or not water. unless there's specific...

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