version control

  1. kultie

    Help with source control

    Are there any standard .gitignore file for the github source control? I'm trying to push project to git so i can keep on working on it and have a version control but cannot seem to choose what to ignore and what not :kaocry:
  2. professorbeej

    Save Files as Unminified JSON

    Hey, folks. My partner and I are collaborating remotely on our game, and we are using GitHub to do it. It works great for the most part, except when I am trying to merge branches or pull requests. What happens is that if either of us has edited MapInfos.json or Actors.json or System.json or...
  3. Rink27

    How to identify current Version (MV)

    For the longest while I've been thinking "I'd have to update to and check out Version 1.5". Unless I forgot, I don't think I ever updated MV beyond version 1.3. However, when I check Help > About, it lists "Version 1.5.0". I'm confused because I don't have automatic updates enabled via Steam...
  4. taarna23

    Revision Control and You - Keeping Your Project Safe

    Revision Control and You : Keeping Your Project Safe Purpose of this Tutorial I’ve decided to write this tutorial out of seeing this increasing need for people to back up their projects. I can’t actually stress this one enough. Back up your projects! At least once a week I see...
  5. Dary

    An idea of a tool that imports/exports RPG Maker's data

    Having been read this topic and optionally this topic Anyone interested developing a plugin-based open-source tool that imports/exports RPG Maker's data from/for different versions (XP/VX Ace/VX/MV)? Pros  - Once we have the game data in our native format (maybe RDBMS or just...
  6. Version Control + RPG Maker = Boom

    Apologies for jumping in, but I'm trying to do the same sort of source-control operation. I've got the 'Import' section working thanks to the examples here, but I'm having a right time with the export (converting the Ruby data files to text). I try this: actors_array =...

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