1. TriangleGM

    RMG MV "J Setup" vs "162W Setup" ?

    I just bought MV, and I was about to install it, when I noticed there are two setup files, and I can't tell what they are exactly. "RPGMV_J_Setup.zip" is more than twice the size of "RPGMV_162W_Setup.zip," and only "J" includes a readme (in Japanese). Do I need to run both of these, or only one...
  2. Future Updates for my game

    Hallo let's say I finished the game and i upload it and people start playing it . But i want to add updates to the game after like adding new maps new charachters and items and missions to the game and the people who downloadedthe game can play on the new updats (versions) without having to...
  3. Almightypebble

    YEP Segmented Gauges isn't working?

    Hey everyone! So I seem to have a problem with YEP Segmented Gauges, where it doesn't seem to be working at all. All my gauges appear normal with no segments, as if there is no such plugin. Is it because I'm running MV 1.6.2 and the plugin is for 1.5.0? If that is the case is there another...
  4. FREE Looking for Beta-Testers (Needed) for Remainder Studios' "The Town of The Lost Witch" English ver.

    [PLEASE, MAIL darkspinesgames@gmail.com IF INTERESTED] Hi, everyone! DarkSpines Games here. So, we are about to finish the translation of the Spanish game by Remainder Studios "The Town of The Lost Witch". It isn't short. Well, you have all the information here: [by the way] Engine...
  5. AdamSakuru

    Clear specific cached images (MV Version 1.6.2)

    How is this done? I cannot find any results when I look around. This was the script call I used to use. But it doesn't work in 1.6.2. ImageManager.cache._inner["img/pictures/ACCESS.png:0"].free() Edit: I already know you can clear the entire cache with "ImageManager.clear()" but I want to know...
  6. How Do I use the base assets when i create a new empty project?

    I would like to use the base assets as place holders and just for experiments however i only seem to be able to access these features when i use a sample project/ one with ui in some way. also Just wondering if cuz i bought the game on steam is it possible to get a standalone version since that...
  7. Parallax Panda

    About the "__STaR__" Folder in the DLC...

    I'm using the STEAM version of VN maker and I found that there's a folder (in the DLC folder) called "__STaR__". It seems to include all the assets that come pre-installed with a new project, but some additional stuff as well. Namely a few color variations of the "Date Locations" and a "Fantasy"...
  8. Rink27

    How to identify current Version (MV)

    For the longest while I've been thinking "I'd have to update to and check out Version 1.5". Unless I forgot, I don't think I ever updated MV beyond version 1.3. However, when I check Help > About, it lists "Version 1.5.0". I'm confused because I don't have automatic updates enabled via Steam...
  9. Llareian

    Print version number to console on boot

    Description of the Feature: Have the version number print to the console upon opening the game, similar to how the PIXI version number is currently printed to console. (This is similar to Andar's suggestion for the editor, but slightly different because that this affects the game/playtest...
  10. Jonforum

    Help update Chromium? rmmv performance

    hi everybody many experimentation bring me to a stupefaction. when you type this into the rmmv console. navigator.appVersion you will get this "5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/41.0.2272.76 Safari/537.36" is that me that interprets very badly the...
  11. Ruby 1.8.1 (no SSL support??)

    Helping with the game development and we are doing some online features...the issue is I have ssl enabled on my site and also rewrites (which pretty much forces https) and the version of ruby in RPG Maker XP is 1.8.1....SSL support for ruby was introduced in 1.8.7....is there any way that we can...
  12. SickJoe

    DragonBone Battler exists in fight, but no images show up.

    Hello. I followed along with the setup as listed, as well as checked out the demo and how the notetags were setup in there. But the first few times I tried to test the Battle it gave me an error about an unsupported version. So I re-exported my assets in DragonBone as the different Data Configs...

    Cordova Platform IOS 4.4.0 Support?

    Quick question: Currently RPGMakerMV verson 1.5.0 seems to only 'natively' support export/deployment to IOS using Cordova Platform for IOS@4.1.1 Are there any plans to update RPGMakerMV so it supports export/deployment to IOS using Cordova Platform for IOS@4.4.0 which is the current version...
  14. bluebooth

    Game Version Display Plugin

    Version Display v1.02 Author: Michael Morris @Blue Booth Studios Introduction While a small plugin, this helps give your title screen a more professional look, and helps with debugging your title. Version Display allows you to include your version number on your title screen. In addition...
  15. adinmilo

    Multiple Version Control

    Howdy.  I just wanted to ask if anyone had/has experience with working with more than one person on an RPG maker game? We're a team of 3 and want to make a game but I've been scratching my head at how we're essentially all going away, make an area or mechanic of the game to save time, and come...
  16. Wavelength

    New version expected soon?

    Normally I like to wait a few days when software comes out to let the bugs and omissions be sorted out, rather than use day two patches and such... and by the looks of the forum there are a few things to be fixed. Do you guys expect to update the download within the coming week to fix some of...
  17. Miss Nile

    [VXACE]In need of a down sprite

    Hi everyone, I have a (hopefully) simple spriting request. I am in need of a down version of this character in this form: I tried to do it myself but let's just say that the results weren't too pretty. ^^; Thanks a lot in advance!
  18. Dacuna

    Fixed Version or Patch for In-Depth Maps

    So I've been using this script which lets me walk behind walls: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/2162-in-depth-maps-v20/ It was working fine, until I realized when I saved and restarted the game, the overhead system shuts off and doesn't work anymore. I can fix it by opening up...

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