1. RMMV Vertical / "DS" Layout? + Bravely Default-style Mockup

    I wanted to get people's thoughts and opinions on Vertical / Nintendo DS style / Mobile Friendly layouts and offer a little mockup I made of a Bravely Default style battle system at the same time as an example. If you imagined playing a MV/MZ game on a mobile phone or Windows tablet, do you see...
  2. KayZaman

    Waterfall parallax background (mv)

    Dear community, I’m looking an image of waterfall for parallax background. A waterfall image that loops up to down for background. Once I got the image, I’ll show the result. Thank you.
  3. Felix Trapper

    Anyway to create a game meant to be played in 'vertical' mode on a phone?

    I'd like to create an RPG for mobile that you can just hold naturally in the vertical position. Is there a method of doing this or would it require multiple different plugins and a complete restructuring of the program architecture?
  4. zerobeat032

    Starting a simple custom HP, MP, TP gauges plugin

    hey everyone... i'm new to this JavaScript stuff, but thanks some reading and tutorials, i'm slowly learning a few things. I'd like to know what a good starting point would be for making my own bars for my project. I've done some simple edits to things like the menu but i'm not sure where to...
  5. PhoenixX92

    Vertical TP Bars/Gauges

    I'm not sure where to find script requests on the forums here, but I have a request. I've sat here and read through all the scripts, looking for somewhere that I can change the direction the HP/MP/TP gauges are going. I'm using YanFly Core Engine&Battle Engine, so can anyone recommend a script...
  6. Flip picture horizontally/vertically

    Hello, I need a script command to flip picture # horizontally/vertically. Something like this. But I think it would be better if I just could "flipPicture(Index, Horizontal/Vertical)"~
  7. wrigty12

    Request: Party Member 1's TP Bar - Vertical and along the side in battle

    I have this vision in my head of having the 1st actor in the battle party's TP Gauge to be located vertically along the right side of the screen. I imagine it larger, with the numbers on the bottom. I would make it myself (and I attempted, but failed) but I do not know much about JavaScript. It...
  8. Kes

    Problem triggering Shaz's large collision area for events

    I can't find a separate thread for this script, only an old thread where the script was first posted (here).  If there is one, and I've missed it, my apologies for starting a new thread. I have several sprites which are seated and which only turn in either 2 or 3 directions.  This makes it look...

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