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  1. I want to Create a Projectile Deflection System.

    I'm implementing a projectile system using VE_Throwable Objects, YEP Action Sequence. The idea is that enemies will throw an object (In this case an assigned image as the projectile, then shoot it to the player.). The player will have a window of opportunity, this is showed by either an '!'...
  2. RMMZ How to alter the accuracy of a random multi-hit move? (w/ Victor Engine)

    I want to make a Rampage-type of move, that hits multiple targets randomly up to 4 times. However, base RPG Maker doesn't let me change a move's individual accuracy. I'm trying to use Victor Engine's Hit Formula to alter it, but it only lets me alter the Default Formula and doesn't let me add...
  3. Counter System with SRD ActiveDefenseCore & VE_ThrowableObjects

    In AlphaDreams' Mario & Luigi games, the player is able to dodge and counter attack via button prompts, When an enemy attacks directly, you jump to avoid and on to them as well When an enemy attacks using projectiles, you can deflect them using your weapons I've stated the plugins I'm using on...
  4. Zakarijazh

    RMMV Help with extra battler frames

    I've tried using both YED_SideViewBattler and VE_BattlerGraphicSetup to add extra frames to my SV_battlers but I just can't seem to get them to even work. I think I might be missing something but neither of the plugin have any instructions for how to use them, aside from a bunch of notetags. I...
  5. Ailius

    Playing Both Sides - Fantasy RPG on the Sea

    Playing Both Sides Warning - Offensive Words, Implied Sex, Culture War SECTION A: GAMEPLAY MECHANICS SECTION B: STORYLINE/PLOT SECTION C: CHARACTERS SECTION D: SETTING AND/OR WORLD DEVELOPMENT IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINK Yes, there was previously a thread for the demo version...
  6. jessee_p

    Several existing plug-ins in one [MV]

    Hey guys, So I have two requests. #1 These two plug-ins are not compatible with each other, but I really want to use them. Plug in: Yanfly's Party System Purpose: 5 actors in party Plug in: Nina's Battle Formations Purpose: Preset formations and actor positioning. Each position having its...
  7. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Trouble w/ "Element Set" plugin

    Hello, just trying to mess around with some plugins and am having a bit of trouble with this one...I have the VE_BasicModule and the VE_ElementSet plugins both active, but I can't seem to get the damage to calculate...see the images below. I have the Barrel Sludge set to Fire*100% and...
  8. Victor Sant

    VE - Cooperation Skills

    This plugin allows setup skills where the battlers join and execute the action together. Download: Victor Engine - Cooperation Skills Credits: Author: Victor Sant Terms of Use
  9. Creating Follow-up Skills that trigger off of States

    I have been trying to create a Class that makes follow-up attacks based on the status effect(s) inflicted on an enemy it attacks or targets with a Skill. I originally tried using Victor Engine's FollowUp Skills Plugin (in addition to the Basic Module), and that seems to work, except it doesn't...
  10. Victor Sant

    VE - Conditional Turn Battle

    This plugin changes the turn management of battles. The default turn based system is replaced by an individual turns system, where each battler executes their actions right after selecting them. The turn order is based on each battler speed and the speed of the actions used. Download: Victor...
  11. Victor Sant

    VE - Active Time Battle

    This plugin changes the turn management of battles. The default turn based system is replaced by an active time system, where the order of actions are decided by individual time gauges. Download: Victor Engine - Active Time Battle Credits: Author: Victor Sant Terms of Use
  12. Victor Sant

    VE - Tile Priority

    This plugin allows you to setup tiles that have the same priority as character. By default, tiles can be placed only bellow characters or above characters. Tiles on the same priority as the character, will be displayed at the front of the character when the character is behind the tile and when...
  13. Victor Sant

    VE - Battle Motions

    This plugin allows you to create more elaborated animation sequence for the battle motions. You can control each step of the action motions: the movements, animations, timing, effects… You can completely change how the actions looks. Download: Victor Engine - Battle Motions...
  14. Victor Sant

    VE - MP Levels

    This plugin adds a new variant for the MP mechanic, where MP is divided in levels. A skill that consume MP from a level can’t be used by spending MP from another level. This system is similar to games like Suikoden and Grandia. Download: Victor Engine - MP Levels Credits...
  15. Victor Sant

    VE - Sprite In Windows

    This plugin allows you to display the sv battler or charset animated sprite on menu windows. By default only some windows can display that sprite, but you can extend this function to other windows edinting their codes. Download: Victor Engine - Sprite In Windows...
  16. Victor Sant

    VE - Battle Command Window

    This plugin allows you to customize the party command window and actor command window display. You can change the layout, position of the content, add faces and other images and more. Download: Victor Engine - Battle Command Window Credits: Author: Victor Sant Terms of Use
  17. Victor Sant

    VE - Damage Popup

    This plugin improves the popup damage diplay. Allowing an extensive edition of this display. You can change the damage display motion, add text to the display, such as critical or resistance, and add displays for states and buffs. Download: Victor Engine - Damage Popup Credits...
  18. Victor Sant

    VE - Equip Set

    This plugins allows you to create equipments that gives extra effects when used together. You can use this to create sets of equipment that grant extra benefits when all parts are assembled. Download: Victor Engine - Equip Set Credits: Author: Victor Sant Terms of Use
  19. Victor Sant

    VE - Arrow Cursor

    This plugin allows to display an image as the cursor fow selection windows. It’s possible to make it animated and set different graphics for each window. Download: Victor Engine - Arrow Cursor Credits: Author: Victor Sant Terms of Use
  20. Victor Sant

    VE - Battle Status Window

    This plugin allows you to customize the battle status window display. You can change the layout, position of the content, add faces and other images and more. Download: Victor Engine - Battle Status Window Credits: Author: Victor Sant Terms of Use

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