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  1. Victor Sant

    VE - Skill Ammunition

    This plugin allows you to setup items that are required to use actions. This can be used to create projectile weapons that uses arrows, or skills that requires items to be cast.   Download: Victor Engine - Skill Ammunition   Credits: Author: Victor Sant   Terms of Use
  2. Victor Sant

    VE - Replace Actions

    This plugin allows you to setup actions that replaces another actions used during battles. This can be used to make weapons with different skills than the basic attack, or make actions that can randomly invoke a stronger version when used. Download: Victor Engine - Replace Actions  ...
  3. Victor Sant

    VE - FollowUp Skills

      This plugins allows you to setup skills that are used right after using another skill in battle. This can be used to make actions that have a secondary effect. Such as a weapon that can randomly cast a spell after the attack.   Download: Victor Engine - FollowUp Skills  ...
  4. Victor Sant

    VE - Loop Animation

      This plugin allows to display looping and cycling animations, the animation loops indefinitely, and if there’s more than one they cycles between them. They’re used to display status effects or can be called to display some visual effect. This can be used to replace the overlay display for...
  5. Victor Sant

    VE - State Replace

      This plugin allows you to create states that, when applied, have it’s effects replaced by other effects. You can add new states instead of the original one, remove states or even call script codes when the state is applied. You can for, for example, make  make custom death spells that don’t...
  6. Victor Sant

    VE - Incapacitate States

      This plugin allows you to create states  that makes the target to be considered to be affected by a ‘death state’, even if is is not actually dead. If all battlers are dead/incapactated, their team will lose the fight. (For the party this means game over). For example, a petrified state...
  7. Victor Sant

    Using Holder's Battlers

      This tutorial will show how to use 'Holder' style battlers on RPG Maker MV using the plugin VE - Battler Graphic Setup Holder's Battlers download: Required Plugin: - Basic Module: - Battler Graphic Setup: Installing...
  8. Victor Sant

    VE - Battler Graphic Setup

    This plugin allows you to setup battlers that have different models than the RPG Maker MV default. You can have animated enemies, static actors and use charsets as battlers. You can even setup animated graphics that follows a different model, with more frames and motions. Download...
  9. Victor Sant

    VE - Toggle Targets

      This plugin allows to setup certain action to have a option to toggle it’s targets. You can switch between single target/all targers or between allies/opponents. You can also setup actions to deal less damage if targeting all or have them to have the damage divided by the number of targets...
  10. Victor Sant

    VE - Masters

      This plugin reproduces the ‘masters’ sytem from the ‘Breath of Fire’ series. It allows the actors to become disciple of NPCs called ‘master’. While training with a master the actor can learn skill and the parameters gained at level up are adjusted according to the master.  ...
  11. Victor Sant

    VE - Battle Advantage

    This plugin gives control over the advantage rates and introduce new types of battle advantage besides the default surprise and pre-emptive. They are: sneak attack, back attack, pincer attack and surrounded. This plugin also provides commands to ensure that the next battle will have advantages...
  12. Victor Sant

    VE - Materia System

    This plugin replicate the Materia system from the game Final Fantasy VII. You can attach ‘materias’ on the actor equipment to gain skills, parameter boost and varied special effects. Besides the original features, there are some new features such as the possibility to attach materias directly to...
  13. Victor Sant

    VE - Custom Vehicles

      This plugin allows you to create vehicles beyond the 3 default vehicles available. You can make different setups to make those new vehicles more unique.   Download: Victor Engine - Custom Vehicles   Credits: Author: Victor Sant   Terms of Use
  14. Victor Sant

    VE - Critical Hit Effects

      This plugin gives you better control over critical rate and critical damage. Allowing to change the critical rate and damage of specific actions, making some actions to use different when they are critical hits, and make script calls when you hit a critical attack.   Download...
  15. Victor Sant

    VE - Enemy Skills

      This plugin allows you to setup skill that can be learned from enemies. The skill is learned when the actor is hit with it (like Final Fantasy series Blue Magic) or by observing the enemy using them (like Breath of Fire III and IV).   Download: Victor Engine - Enemy Skills  ...
  16. Victor Sant

    VE - Tech Points

      This plugin allows to setup skills that have a limited number of uses. Once you spend all ueses, the skill can’t be used until you recover those uses. Similar to games like Pokemon or Phantasy Stat IV.   Download: Victor Engine - Tech Points   Credits: Author: Victor Sant...
  17. Victor Sant

    VE - Command Replace

    This plugin allows you to setup commands that are added, removed or replaced by another commands when certain conditions are met. You can create commands that become stronger versions when the actor is with low HP, under a certain state or using a certai equip, remove a command for a specific...
  18. Victor Sant

    VE - Charge Actions

      This plugin allows to create actions that have a delayed use. The battler must charge for a number of turns, and only after that time the action is finally used. Download: Victor Engine - Charge Actions Credits: Author: Victor Sant Terms of Use
  19. Victor Sant

    VE - Cast Animations

    This plugin allows you to display animations on the user of each action before he executing them. Download: Victor Engine - Cast Animations   Credits: Author: Victor Sant   Terms of Use
  20. Victor Sant

    VE - Skip Battle Log

      This plugin allows to set some (or all) of the Battle Log Messages to be skiped. You can also set a different display for skill use. Download:  Victor Engine - Skip Battle Log Credits: Author: Victor Sant Terms of Use  

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