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  1. Victor Sant

    VE - Retaliation Damage

      This plugin allows to change the default mechanic of counters and reflect: the attacker can deal damage to the defending player before receiving the counter attack or magic reflect. You can make this setup global or setup it for specific actions.   Download: Victor Engine - Retaliation...
  2. Victor Sant

    VE - Counter Actions

    The Counter Actions plugin allows you to expand the counter attacks options. You can setup different triggers for counter attacks, such as being hit by a specific skill or element, and also can setup wich action will be used when the counter occurs. You can make an ice enemy that hates being hit...
  3. Victor Sant

    VE - Action Resistance

    The Action Resistance plugin allows to create effects that protects against specific actions. Different from the default resistances that can be applied to elements, and physical/magical damage, this one can be applied directly to item and skills, item types and skill types and also elements...
  4. Victor Sant

    VE - Action Conditions

    This plugin allows to setup specific condtions to allow some skills or items to be used. You can create actions that can be used only when in danger or under a certain circumstance based on a switch or variable. Download: Victor Engine - Action Conditions Credits: Author: Victor Sant...
  5. Victor Sant

    VE - Action Strengthen

    The Action Strengthen plugin allows to create effects that strengthen specific actions. You can create a staff that increase the power of thunder spells, a pyromancer class that deals more damage with fire, and much more. Download: Victor Engine - Action Strengthen Credits: Author: Victor...
  6. Victor Sant

    VE - Passive States

     The Passive States plugins allows to create states that are always active or are active under certain conditions. You can apply this states to actors, classes, skills, equipment, enemies and even other states. Download: Victor Engine - Passive States Credits: Author: Victor Sant Terms of Use

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