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  1. Victor Engine Pixel Movement - Blocked Tiles

    Hi all, I've searched and searched for solutions to this problem and, through what few threads I've found, can't seem to fix this issue. I'm using Victor's Pixel Movement script (see the end of my post for the script) and can't get the <over tile> comment to function as intended. To sum up the...
  2. Frain

    Victor Light Effects Script - light turns off when transfering

    Hello! I've been using Victor Light Effects script for some time and it's doing great so far. However, there is a issue with it. When the light is around player and when the player transfers/teleports to other map (or even on the same map!) the lights turn off basically, it just disappears...
  3. Victor Sant Actors Battlers Script

    Hello, I'm new to RPG Maker VX Ace. I decided to use Victor's Actors Battlers Script for my game and during a battle, I want to change my actors graphic. I'm aware that Victor states that it is possible and how to do it, but I can't figure out what information needs to be put into which bits...
  4. Venderbox

    Problem with Victor Engine Animated Battle

    I have installed Victor Sant's Animated Battlers and Actors Battlers. I followed Passive Lion's tutorial on how to use it so my settings look like this: Frames: 3 Rows: 4 Mirror and Invert: False Mode and action: :charset I imported the Actor1 character set into my Battlers folder and set it...
  5. redcachalot

    Query: Two battle systems in one game

    Hi, I’m designing a game that is going to need two battle systems to add variety to the gameplay’s combat. My Game's Design I specifically want the YSA Battle System - Classical ATB (CATB ) to work for random encounters and some map-enemy events and the GubiD Tactical Battle System (GTBS) for...
  6. Victor Sant

    VE - Target Arrow

    This script allows to change target selection to a arrow like selection. It’s possible to make it animated and set different graphics for enemies and actors target selections. If using the script ‘Victor Engine – Loop Animation’, it’s also possible to make the cursor an animation Download...
  7. Victor Sant

    VE - Followers Control

    This script allows the user to control the movement of the followers during events. With this you can make them leave the line, and return to the position at the event end. Using a comment call before the ‘Set Move Route…’ event command will make the move route commands works for a specific...
  8. Victor Sant

    VE - Fixed Parallax

    This script allows to fix the parallax in a way that it follows the tileset movement. Useful for parallax mapping Download: Victor Engine - Fixed Parallax Credits: Author: Victor Sant Terms of Use
  9. Victor Sant

    VE - Visual Equip

    This script allows to change the graphic of the chacter according to the equips and other conditions. It adds specific bitmaps to the character sprite. It’s possible to set custom graphics to actors, classes, weapons armors and events. Download: Victor Engine - Visual Equip Credits...
  10. Victor Sant

    VE - SFonts

    This script allows the use of SFonts. SFonts is a image file that replaces the normal font. What are SFonts? (from SFont is a type of bitmapped font, which is loaded from an image file with a meaningful top row of pixels, and the font itself below that. The top row...
  11. Victor Sant

    VE - Sprites in Windows

    This script is an add on for the ‘VE – Animated Battle’, it’s a tool for scripters that allows to add a animated sprite of the battler in windows. This script alone don’t do anything, it needs the scripter to manually set the method that adds the animated sprite. Download: Victor Engine -...
  12. Victor Sant

    VE - Cooperation Skills

      This script is an add-on for the ‘Victor Engine – Animated Battle’ script. It allows to implement “Cooperation Skill”, skills that can be used by more than one battler at the same time. Download: Victor Engine - Cooperation Skills Credits: Author: Victor Sant
  13. Victor Sant

    VE - Toggle Target

      This script allows to setup certain action to have a option to toggle the targets of the action. You can switch between single/all targers or between allies/opponents. You can also setup actions to deal less damage if targeting all or have them to have the damage divided by the...
  14. Victor Sant

    VE - Leap Attack

    This script is an add-on for the 'Victor Engine - Animated Battle' script. It allows to implement "Leap Attacks", this attacks allows the battler to stay outside of battle for some time, then return making a powerful attack. Similar to the "Jump" from the Final Fantasy series. Download: Victor...
  15. Victor Sant

    VE - Counter Options

    This script allows to add options to choose wich skill will be used on ounter attacks. Download: Victor Engine - Counter Options Credits: Author: Victor Sant Terms of Use
  16. Victor Sant

    VE - Active Time Battle

    This scripts changes the turn management of battles. The default turn based system is replaced by an active time system, where the order of actions are decided by individual time bars Download: Victor Engine - Active Time Battle Credits: Author: Victor Sant Terms of Use
  17. Victor Sant

    VE - State Graphics

    This script allows to setup states that changes the battler graphic when the battle is under certain states. You can use that to create transformation states, such as the ‘Toad’ state from the Final Fantasy series. Download: Victor Engine - State Graphics Credits: Author: Victor Sant Terms...
  18. Victor Sant

    VE - Custom Hit Formula

    This script allows to setup custom hit formulas for actions. You can use any valid ruby command to make different ways to decide if an action will be successful. Some scripting knowlegde is required. Download: Victor Engine - Custom Hit Formula Credits: Author: Victor Sant Terms of Use
  19. Victor Sant

    VE - Command Replace

    This script allows to setup a trait that replace commands from the actor command list with other commands. It’s also possible to setup a condition for the command to be replaced Download: Victor Engine - Command Replace Credits: Author: Victor Sant Terms of Use
  20. Victor Sant

    VE - Item Command

    This scripts allows to setup different item types and to setup commands where the player can select only items from a pre-defined type. It also allows to setup different items cattegories on the item menu Download: Victor Engine - Item Command Credits: Author: Victor Sant Terms of Use

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