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  1. Help installing the Victor Engine Basic Module?

    Hi! I hope I'm posting this in the right spot. I'm super new to RPG Maker, (I've only poked around a bit with some events and conditional branches and such), and am trying to set up some scripts. I want to install some Victor Engine scripts, and thus, am trying to install the basic module...
  2. SilvonTheResearcher

    [VictorEngine CTB System] Problem with CTB icon offset

    I am currently using VE's CTB system, and it works wonderfully. However, since some of the characters in my game have a lot of skills, the default window is displayed above the bottom-right-most skill when the skill menu is up. This also happens for the items menu. To "fix" this, I decided to...
  3. RMMV VE Loop Animation - Notes Issue

    Hello! (I hope this is in the right place - I have been here for a while but have not really posted anything so I tried to look at all the rules and searched the forums to see if there was anything closely related to this issue before posting. Thank you for your patience and guidance!) Intro...
  4. RMMV VE Critical Hit Effect Error

    Hi I am trying to use VE Critical Hit Effect Plugin, but I encountered an error like this : Note : I also share the other plugins I currently used
  5. Vach

    [YEP][VE] TP skill cost not showing - SFont bug?

    Hi. I'm using the SFont plugin by Victor Sant in my game along with a bunch of Yanfly's (BattleEngineCore, SkillCore, SaveCore,VictoryAftermath, MainMenuManager...) The TP cost doesn’t show up the first time you open the menu (Skills Menu and in battle) but do show the next time you open. It’s...
  6. Grimar Horns

    RMMV Victor Engine Tile Priority block path ?

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to use VE Tile Priority plugin for one of my maps and and I don't know why but it's blocking path. I've looked everywhere and I realy have no clue what I'm doing wrong. I'm using parallax maps using Orange Overlay but I doubt that's the issue because it still doesn't...
  7. Robert Trent

    [VXACE] Neon Black's Victory Results/Aftermath compatible with Victor Engine

    Hi everyone, I got a little of a problem with Victor Engine Battle System and Neon's Black Victory script. At the end of battle, I get a fun bit where the Commands window is opened adove the victory window, showing the battle commands (Attack, Items etc) and that's quite annoying as sometimes it...
  8. Robert Trent

    Enable/Disable Battle Commands in Victor Engine

    Hi everyone here. I am using Victor Engine as battle system for my project and now in the process of creating some sort of tutorial to explain different commands during a battle (such as attack, defende etc), and I would like to know if there's a way to disable a command via script (e.g...
  9. RMMV VE_ActiveTimeBattle (Victor Saint) switch ATBready characters

    Hi there, I'm having a question that concerns Victor Saints VE_ActiveTimeBattle system. I wanted to include the feature to be able to switch between ATB ready characters by pressing "left" or "right". I came quite far already, the only thing I'm missing is to (really) change the character. I...
  10. Kokonaugt

    Victor Engine SFont - crisis and death color change

    Hello! I'm using Victor Sant's Sfont plugin ( ) to have an 8 bits style bitmap font in my game. Overall it works great, I can swap colors when showing text, and most colors in menus swap as intended by the engine. My problem is that...
  11. SRD Auto Update Incompatible with Victor Engine

    I'm having problems to make SRD Auto Update plugin work with Victor Enginer, it disables VE plugins when starting the game. The plugins are in the correct order but the error continues... ...
  12. tvghost

    [RGSS3] Visual Equip - Trouble figuring out a feature

    Script link: Requires: There's a feature written within the help guide that I'd like help with. The description is: "It's possible to have some...
  13. BunnyNubNub

    SFonts Resources?

    looking for some fonts that are obviously to be used for Victor Engines SFonts; preferably pixelated so I can finally rid myself of the blurry/antialiased look to my pixel text. mainly looking for someone to possibly help revive an old thread regarding the perfect font, which can be seen here...
  14. Frain

    Victor's Engine Light Effects Script and the light flickering

    Hello! I'm using the Light Effects script made by Victor and it's great (even though the script can be a little bit archaic at times). Anyway, I have a one problem with it - I don't know how to trigger the light flickering. Scrolling through script I found two options that might be somewhere...
  15. Victor Engine Pixel Movement - Blocked Tiles

    Hi all, I've searched and searched for solutions to this problem and, through what few threads I've found, can't seem to fix this issue. I'm using Victor's Pixel Movement script (see the end of my post for the script) and can't get the <over tile> comment to function as intended. To sum up the...
  16. p0_boy

    Changing the MOG_ChronoEngine.js Default Font to SFont

    I am currently using MOGHUNTER’s Chrono Engine ABS plugin in my project, as well as Victor Engine’s SFont plugin. But, as displayed in the screen capture below, the Chrono Engine seems to still be using RPG Maker MV’s default font. In the last paragraph of Victor Engine’s SFont Help text...
  17. buddysievers

    VE - Dragoon Jump crashes game

    Hi and hello there, i wanted to use the Dragoon Jump skill in my game which should be able to optain through Victors plugins and his tutorial. The problem is even in a vanilla project with 100% correct setup it crashes the game with this message: TypeError targets.forEach is not a function...
  18. Victor Sant Actors Battlers Script

    Hello, I'm new to RPG Maker VX Ace. I decided to use Victor's Actors Battlers Script for my game and during a battle, I want to change my actors graphic. I'm aware that Victor states that it is possible and how to do it, but I can't figure out what information needs to be put into which bits...
  19. Guardinthena

    Minor Trouble with Victor's Character Control

    So....I'm having some slight trouble getting these scripts to work. I've tried everything I could think of and looked up other forums but I've had little headway. I'm looking to use Victor's Character Control script to have idle, walking, dashing sprite animations, etc. But I can't figure out...
  20. Venderbox

    Problem with Victor Engine Animated Battle

    I have installed Victor Sant's Animated Battlers and Actors Battlers. I followed Passive Lion's tutorial on how to use it so my settings look like this: Frames: 3 Rows: 4 Mirror and Invert: False Mode and action: :charset I imported the Actor1 character set into my Battlers folder and set it...

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