victor script

  1. Victor active battler "dead" state!

    Hi there. got A little cosmetic-problem within Victors active battler that I cant seem to wrap my head around. [dont know if this is the right forum to post] I use sideway battlesystem from victor, manager to make the actor stay on battlefield when die/HP at zero... And this is here my...
  2. Victor Script Active Time Battle

    Hey Guys! I finally got my kaduki battlers working like I wanted with Victor's Animated Battles, and I just added in his Active Time Battle Script. My issue is this...all players ATB bars fill, and as each one gets full, I am able to select their actions, then they attack. Once every player...
  3. Vehicle Graphic Change!

    Greetings, I'm currently using Victor's Custom Vehicle Script: It's great and all, BUT Is there a script that can change vehicle graphic when it enters AND when it gets off a vehicle? I know using conditional branch works...

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these 80+ gb updates on several years old games are the absolute worst. I just want to play for an hour or so before bed to unwind. Sorry, gotta spend that time downloading an update. Then my mods will be broken so I'll have to start over or wait for those to be updated to. Is a complete game within three years of the pay to be a beta tester period really to much to ask?

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