victor script

  1. Victor active battler "dead" state!

    Hi there. got A little cosmetic-problem within Victors active battler that I cant seem to wrap my head around. [dont know if this is the right forum to post] I use sideway battlesystem from victor, manager to make the actor stay on battlefield when die/HP at zero... And this is here my...
  2. Victor Script Active Time Battle

    Hey Guys! I finally got my kaduki battlers working like I wanted with Victor's Animated Battles, and I just added in his Active Time Battle Script. My issue is this...all players ATB bars fill, and as each one gets full, I am able to select their actions, then they attack. Once every player...
  3. Vehicle Graphic Change!

    Greetings, I'm currently using Victor's Custom Vehicle Script: It's great and all, BUT Is there a script that can change vehicle graphic when it enters AND when it gets off a vehicle? I know using conditional branch works...

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