1. RMMV I'm a dummy in need of some help!

    I'm a pretty tech-illiterate person and I just started messing with RMMV like two days ago. So I was messing around with the Victor Engine plugins and I was following his tutorial on making a Dragoon Jump skill. I'm pretty sure I followed it correctly however when I went to use the skill this...
  2. remainderstudios

    Victor Script Footstep problem

    I am using victor script to play sounds when character walks. the problem is that the enemies also reproduce those sounds (events with battles in real time). The tag "<no step sound>" does not work for enemies (other events). Script: can anybody help me? Thanks.
  3. Vis_Mage

    VE Materia - AP Gain Script Command

    Howdy! :kaohi: I'm wondering if anyone could help me out with what I hopefully believe is a simple script edit or add-on to Victor's Materia Plugin : By default, the materia gains AP upon defeating foes. I'm hoping to...
  4. Nightblade50

    GTBS + Victor's Multi Frames

    Hello, I am using GTBS (Gubid's Tactical Battle System) for VX Ace (it can be found here: and it's working fairly well, but with one issue. I am also using Victor's Multi Frames script, found...
  5. cheef

    (VictorEngine) SV Battlers failing for actors, working for enemies. [Solved]

    Hello, I'm using Victor Engine to try to apply custom animated sprites. I've read the "help us to help you" thread and have tested this by Playtesting the game, not a Battle Test. Scripts used - VE Basic Module: [page] [script] VE BattlerGraphicSetup: [page] [script] Currently my sprite...
  6. Vis_Mage

    [VX Ace] VE Materia - AP Gain Script Command

    Howdy! :kaohi: I'm wondering if anyone could help me out with what I hopefully believe is a simple script edit to Victor's Materia script : By default, the materia gains AP upon defeating foes. I'm hoping to change it...
  7. Vis_Mage

    [VX Ace] VE Materia - Tweak to AP

    Howdy! :kaohi: I'm wondering if anyone could help me out with what I hopefully believe is a simple script edit to Victor's Materia script : By default, the materia gains AP upon defeating foes. I'm hoping to change it...
  8. Krystek_My warning

    I will just paste Yanfly's articles, just to warn you. They aren't mines. If posting it it's not allowed, or it was posted somewhere else, moderation, please delete it. They have stolen scripts from Yanfly, Moghunter, Victor, Galv, and more, and some of them cost money.'s page...
  9. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    Error In Victor Saints Anti-Lag Script

    So I'am having this super bizarre error were everything including auto run and parallel process halt on 2 certain maps those maps have nothing more different then the other two maps for the area I even copied the exact data from the maps that worked and it still didn't work... So let me...
  10. Morpheus

    Pearl ABS + Pixel Movement Loot Help

    So long story short, I have Pearl ABS working with Victors Pixel Movement. Everything is fine and dandy except one teensy weensy problem... When you kill an enemy and they drop their "loot", it's near impossible to pick up and you have to fidget around trying to find the right pixel you need to...
  11. Psychronic

    Having a Conflict with Yanfly's Party system and Victors ATB system

    Hey guys I am having a conflict between Yanfly's Party system and Victor's ATB system. I can't use Yanfly's ATB system because I use Victor's battle motions plugin. In my game there's a maximum of 6 characters in a battle party, but more than 6 characters in your team (kind of like Suikoden...
  12. AdamSakuru

    VE - Damage Popup change "FontFace"? I'm using Victor's Damage Popup plugin and there's a parameter for "Font Face" -Popup Fontface The parameters 'Fontface' defines the font name for the popup display. You can use script codes that returns a string with the...
  13. S.Court

    Help with Victor's State Cancel's script

    Hello. I'm using Victor's state cancel script and I'm having doubts about how to use the <cancel state custom> tags. In concret, I'd like certain to remove a state when the battler is affected by any of certain states list (let's say, if the battler is affected by the state 4, 5, 6 or 7) How...
  14. Gravemaster

    Victor's Fog Crashes (VX Ace)

    Hey guys. I've been using Victor's Fog script for a while now, and I have noticed that in maps where it is enabled, when fighting monsters, there's a chance (like 30% or so) for the game to crash. I have experimented a lot so I'm certain that the fog script on its own is the cause. Do you guys...
  15. Miseryfactory77

    This may already exist but I need one besides victors

    I was basically just looking for a plugin that would allow me to display the actors sv battler sprite in all the menu screens instead of the face. Pretty much just like victors only it hase compatibility issues and I prefer mog and yanflys scripts. I am no coder and I am not sure if its hard to...
  16. Cheah Hsun Teik

    can i use multiple engine plugin in a project?

    Can I use different engine plugin(yanfly,Luna,victor,etc) in one project? What sequence do I need to install the plugin in the plugin list or it can be installed anywhere in the plugin list?(only yanfly plugin teach you where to put each plugin in the list,the others don't)
  17. Michael Caiola

    MC's VE Throwable Objects/YEP Battle Core Engine Patch

    VE Throwable Objects with Yanfly Battle Engine Core Compatibility Patch v1.02p Victor Sant, Michael Caiola Introduction Victor Sant's Throwable Objects is quite an amazing plugin that adds thrown objects like arrows, bullets, boomerangs, bombs, and shurikens to RMMV's battle...
  18. Oscar92player

    YEP Victory Aftermath + VE Battle Motions compatibility plugin?

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a compatibility patch for this two plugins: YEP - Victory Aftermath VE - Battle Motions I need a compatibility patch for them because, when the battle has finished, the Victory pose for the SV actors it's bugged. It's like they are trying to perform...
  19. DarthVollis

    Understanding Victor's Engine - Light Effects

    With this I am using Victor Engine - Basic Module v1.20 I recently learned how to use Victor Sant's Light Effects and I thought everyone could use it. I only know the Event Light effect at the moment and will post more in the future after I learn them. Now for the tutorial. Find and...
  20. BleachBummer

    Victor script errors & MOG script confusion

    Yeah, this is a two in one title but let me explain first. Originally I was using the following scripts made by Victor: Basic ModuleAnimated BattleSkip Battle LogActors BattlersActive Time BattleElement SetCooperation SkillsDamage PopupState GraphicsTarget ArrowToggle TargetRotational...

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