victors animated battlers

  1. VE animated battlers, where to find?

    I am looking for the script to animate battlers in victors engine, more specifically "VE | Animated Battlers". I have looked on his normal downloads and they have been blocked due to popularity (dropbox is dumb). Past that I have checked google docs where many of his scripts are available but...
  2. VE-Animated Battler Scripting Advice needed

    Hello just recently joined the forums in order to understand a couple scripts I have inputted into my game and have had a decent success rate at getting what i need accomplished. My understanding of scripting is rather limited, but sufficient in getting the rest of my Game Core operational and...
  3. Sakif X9

    Problem with High resolutions and Victor's Animated Battle

    Well the bow attack doesn't seem quite right, check the problem out here. Also attacks with a sword or a melee weapon takes longer when the resolution is larger.

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