1. VE animated battlers, where to find?

    I am looking for the script to animate battlers in victors engine, more specifically "VE | Animated Battlers". I have looked on his normal downloads and they have been blocked due to popularity (dropbox is dumb). Past that I have checked google docs where many of his scripts are available but...
  2. Treegen

    Bow with animated battlers: NOT WORKING

    So im using victors animated battlers and i want my bow to shoot then do damage. i downloaded the graphics from the site for the bow and it shoots fine but when it hits it does no damage :( i looked everywhere and found people fixed the problem but it still wont work for me! can anyone help?
  3. Treegen

    Holders animated monster problems.

    So i recently go the victors actor battler, animated battler and basic module for my project and i watched a tutorial on how to get your battles up and running (side view) and everything works pefectly. slimes hornets scorpions bats & rats all work but the moment i try to plug in the "MudSlime"...
  4. BlackRoseMii

    2 Problems with Victors Animated Battlers script

    (I'm asking too many questions these days...) I'm using Victors animated battle script (This is it: and I have two problems right now. 1. No matter what I do, the default attack animation stays as...

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