victory aftermath

  1. Tixerp

    RMMV Stuck with DreamX's Victory Aftermath Extension

    After completing a battle with these plugins: Yanfly's Victory Aftermath Dream X's Victory Aftermath Extension Yanfly's Battle Engine Core Dream X's ITB It reaches the Victory scene with no message displayed, and is stuck there forever, however the victory music keeps playing. I've recreated...
  2. VisuStella [Multi class X Victory aftermath compatibility]

    So I ran into an issue with these two plugins, If everything levels up at the same time everything is fine and dandy, but if the subclass levels at a different rate, it doesn't show skills learned or stat increases in the victory screen, is there any way to fix this?
  3. RMMV YEP. Victory Aftermath Alternatives

    Okay so I have been trying YANFLY's Victory aftermath plugin, it seems to lag during the exp screen because of a memory issue for which there is seemingly no solution. Are there any plugins that more or less serve the same purpose that I can try instead of this one?
  4. Lonewulf123

    Adding an Image behind windows in Yanfly Victory Aftermath

    Hi, I'm currently working with Yanfly Victory Aftermath, and I wanted to customize things by showing a custom image behind the windows, aside from the window at the bottom that shows that party's battle banter. Script here...
  5. Robert Trent

    [VXACE] Neon Black's Victory Results/Aftermath compatible with Victor Engine

    Hi everyone, I got a little of a problem with Victor Engine Battle System and Neon's Black Victory script. At the end of battle, I get a fun bit where the Commands window is opened adove the victory window, showing the battle commands (Attack, Items etc) and that's quite annoying as sometimes it...
  6. TheDrifter

    Any way to run an event immediately the moment a battle ends?

    Hi, I know SumRndmDde made a nifty plugin called Battle End Events, which lets you run events at the end of every battle, but unfortunately it's too slow. I need events to be run before the Item spoils & EXP / Level up messages appear. Is there a way to force an event to be run the moment that...
  7. catwizard69

    YEP Subclass Level up notification MV

    Looking for a plugin that shows subclass XP, level ups, learned skills, etc in the YEP victory aftermath sequence when you finish a fight, or at the very least notify the player that the subclass has levelled up. My class system is heavily based on the subclassing portion, and it'd be nice to...
  8. Yanfly's Victory Aftermath Actor Name Removal

    I've been using Yanfly's Victory Aftermath script in VX Ace and it makes the battles a lot better. However, the quotes after the battle always have the Actor's name in the top line of the text. As I never do this in my normal game-play, I have been trying to find a way to remove the Actor's name...
  9. Alarkus

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath Arrow QuickFix

    Hey all. I noticed a few threads about this before, with people coming up with fixes that seem really unnecessary, when I got it myself through messing around in the scripts. I didn't want to necro any of those. Many people have had issues with the Yanfly Victory Aftermath not displaying...
  10. TheCosmicSlug

    YEP Victory Aftermath modification

    I do love yanflys Victory Aftermath plug-in ( but the one thing that bugs me is having the item/gold drops as a second screen, It seems like unless there are a ton of drops its a lot of wasted screen space. I’ve attached images of how the...
  11. Tazmily

    Is it a possibility to loop victory music at the end of a battle?

    Hello! Over the course of the night, I've been figuring out how to loop music tracks in MV. Finally, I was able to create a successful loop of a section of Final Fantasy VI's victory theme (as an example) using Audacity. I'll spare the other details and just say I got it to work... but only in...
  12. No victory fanfare after battle

    For some reason the victory music stopped playing after battles, i have tried to disable all plugins and checked if the volume on the victory music is turned up but nothing works The plugins i am using are: Yanfly BatlleEngineCore Yanfly ActionSequencePack 1, 2 and 3 Yanfly Taunt Yanfly...
  13. Oscar92player

    YEP Victory Aftermath + VE Battle Motions compatibility plugin?

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a compatibility patch for this two plugins: YEP - Victory Aftermath VE - Battle Motions I need a compatibility patch for them because, when the battle has finished, the Victory pose for the SV actors it's bugged. It's like they are trying to perform...
  14. Okralord

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath LAG

    HELLO! Yeah, I saw that there was another post about this, but it didn't solve my problem. I'm getting some pretty bad lag during the exp bars part of Victory Aftermath. I've tried changing the sound effect used for the bars, as well as the tick count. Neither of these things has helped. The...
  15. firestalker

    A Change needed to Yanfly's Victory Aftermath Plugin

    A small change to the plugin, if possible making it into a second mode that can be switched between or something...  When the EXP is distributed the EXP bar is filled up.  Get a full bar and you gain a level.  All good so far.  What I want to change is what happens after the bar fills up.  As it...
  16. Silenity

    Random Gold Variance

    Hello. I'd like to request a plugin that can change how much gold is dropped by an enemy. Here's what it could look like notetagged: <Gold: 5% 1000-1500><Gold: 10% 400-700><Gold: 50% 100-250><Gold: 75% 1-50><Gold: 100% 0-500> <Gold: 50% 0-120><Gold: 1% 8000-22000> The gold drops do not stack...
  17. Silenity

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath Help

    Currently Yanfly's VA plugin looks like this when receiving items. How would I go about making the Gold Icon match the item icons. So that the Gold icon now starts on the left with x(Value) on the right.
  18. FeaR616

    [ACE] Yanfly's Victory Aftermath - No Gold Error

    Okay, again I need the helpt of yours. first, the victory aftermath script is awesome. but.. I got a little issue with that. in my game, many of the monsters dont drop gold (why would a monster carry gold o_O) so they are dropping other items instead. unfortunately shows the script every...
  19. KimoGaming360

    Yanfly's Victory Aftermath Issue

    Need help with script Hi, so I have installed Yanfly's Victory Aftermath script, and it works well. The only issue I have can be seen below. When I'm supposed to get to the level up screen, the loot screen doesn't disappear. Can someone please help me out? Script List: Fullscreen...
  20. Victory aftermath stats lines bug

    Hello, I was wondering if you can separate the lines of the names of the stats because the stats are well above letters Sorry my bad english, i'm using the google translator script on the image is Yanfly victory aftermath and yanfly adjust limits

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