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  1. SpyreStudio

    SERVICE RPG Maker (All Maker Engines) -- Video Editor for your Epic Game trailer!

    Hello, I know I haven't been active on this forum but I'm here now and I'd like to offer a FREE SERVICE exclusively for the Devs here on RPG Maker Forums like you. Skills Offered: Video Editing and Post-Production Samples: Engine: Which "Maker" Engine are you using to make this game? (e.g...
  2. Kokoro Hane

    Kokoro's OP/END/Trailers/PVs/MMD

    Hello everyone~ So one thing I absolutely enjoy is video editing! I especially enjoy making openings, endings, and trailers for my projects, as well as PVs or MikuMikuDance videos for things like VOCALOID/UTAU. And I thought, why not share some of my work? I create these videos via MAGIX Movie...

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Rest in Peace vlog gun...
Another unnamed character, and probably last one for now.
She's a dragon girl inspired by fafnir dragon. as always, name suggestion is welcomed.

Hmm.... So I can use my quick ports of QPlugins, but QMovement breaks MZ's save system. Or I can use the Luna port of the QPlugins whose QMap breaks MZ's save system. I can't decide I want to fix one of those, or just make a new save system. The new one would look so much better.. I'm kind of tempted. :LZSexcite:
I'm very happy and I want everyone to be happy too, so I decided to share this song about the end of the world! :biggrin:

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