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    Favorite level design or mapping in a video game

    What video game has your favorite level design or maps? Is it the layered dungeons of Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time? Or do you the love the sprawling fields of Final Fantasy XV? Does the asymmetric levels of Overwatch tickle your fancy? Or the colorful, and puzzle heavy dungeons of Golden Sun...

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so... I decided since a park was an area in my game... here's an enemy that's slide with a hand behind it. cause why not.
Hot chocolate and music make studying and note-taking much easier :kaoluv:
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Doing RPG Maker News for 21st September 2021

Malak is still waiting for Dark Deception Chapter 4... This was him yesterday after another sugar crash.
Again, he's fine. He's just bored at this point, considering he's exhausted his entire vacation bucket list.
Am I the only one who files custom resources under specific folders to remember who to credit? :kaoswt2:

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