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  1. EpicFILE

    EpicFILE AniGame Remix [Tekken 7 | Kunimitsu Theme - Vermilion Gates | RPG Remix]

    Hello folks! I've been making music for a long time, mostly original music. Recently I'm trying to remix the music of anime and video games. It's a lot of fun and I want to share it with you. Today's post is the remix of DMC5 Vergil Theme, "Bury The Light". I think it really get a lot of hype...
  2. Hollow 1977

    Deaths in anime, gaming, and manga

    What are some of the most tragic deaths in an anime, video game, or manga? Ones that may bring you tears. We have all been there. You are watching your favorite anime and suddenly some character you liked gets killed. I am sure many remember Aerith. So for you which deaths hurt so much that you...
  3. Hollow 1977

    Love Those Minigames

    Okay so I am pretty confident there is a mini-game or two you have messed up or maybe even failed miserably. You are not alone. There are some mini-games that are near impossible to do and what's worse those that the game requires you to get otherwise kiss finishing that game goodbye. So I feel...
  4. Hollow 1977

    Why did it end this way?

    Just finished Geobreeders manga. But when I got to the end It's kind of weird the comic was funny and did not really seem to be serious till the end which I am not sure what the author was thinking. So I ask you is there any anime, manga, or game that you feel got left unfinished or an ending...
  5. EmptyVoid_

    FREE EndVoid_ [MV] Recruiting Now! (Looking For Artists / Tileset Artists)

    ✨ EndVoid_ ✨ (Welcome to EndVoid_ a project that is currently in need of Artists & a Composer) Engine: RPG Maker MV Inspiration: Nexpo's Channel, Life is Strange, Earthbound, OFF, Jimmy & The Pulsating Mass. Available Roles for those Interested Voice Actor - Little Boy (I'll explain the role...
  6. Hollow 1977

    Final Fantasy X-3

    We may see a sequel to Final Fantasy X-2 but the question is will it include the novel and drama X-Will. From the drama we see Yuna reverting to being a summoner again and praying continually. Tidus and Yuna are not totally together and live in separate areas. Yuna living Besaid and Tidus in...
  7. JonathanKaz

    SERVICE Hi, i'm Jonathan Kaz, a video game composer.

    Hello, my name is Jonathan Kaz, i’m a video game composer student of Music College Fermatta, in Guadajalara Mexico. I’ve worked with people before on the indie game Carpe Diem: Reboot (will be released on autumn this year) and a lot of unfinished projects who unfortunately never saw the light...
  8. Josephkhland

    Starting my first Video Game

    So I am starting my very first video game in this engine, now that I am quite familiar with it. I will be practicing my scripting skills (I am still a beginner in those) during it and I don't know when I will finally complete it.  Most likely I will share it for free when It is done. The story...
  9. Suikoden Revival Movement

    Hey guys, I am Zachary from the Suikoden Revival Movement. I am sure that many of you have at least heard of Suikoden. Now, if you recall games like Breath of Fire, Vandal Hearts and Wild Arms  which are all games that are pretty much all but lost (even though Vandal Hearts did have a PS3...
  10. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    Easter Eggs!

    We all know Easter is over folks, but I mean in game world you gotta know that! Let's see...I'm sure this is an Easter egg, before I was playing Zelda: Spirit Tracks and I was whipping phantom Zelda or hitting her with my boomerang, it was about 10 times and she hit me and I lost a heart! LOL...
  11. ProMMOPlayer

    Monster MMORPG - Are you guys playing ? My quick intro - Pokemon alike game

    Hello everyone. I would like to make a quick introduction to one of my favorite games. This game is called as Monster MMORPG ( and it is totally free to play. All in game items and other stuff can be obtained without paying a single penny. It is browser based and...
  12. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    Weirdest Thing that could happen (or happened) in a video game.

    What's the weirdest thing that you think could happen in a video game or has happened?
  13. jaggernaut25

    Looking for Tiles of a Modern Arcade and VR Unit

    The title describes it - I am wondering if anyone knows where I can find tiles for a modern arcade? Stuff like the arcade cabinets themselves, cash register and other little things you would find in a normal arcade Also, this is a more specialized request, but basically a Virtual Reality-equse...
  14. HenryJIsAwesome

    Video Games Console Script

    Hi. I'm working on an RPG, and am having trouble with some scripting... See, there's a video games console in the player's room next to the TV. You're supposed to be able to play mini games with it when you interact with it, but I don't know how to program the menus, the mini games themselves...
  15. CodenameD

    Your Favourite Video Game Villain~

    It has to be a tie between Sephiroth from FF7 and Ganondorf from most Zelda games. While Sephiroth was a pretty cool and insane at the same time (and practically proved his point killing Aerith), Ganondorf is the badass super bad guy ever! His motives are simple yet cunning sometimes and his...

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