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  1. Keegs

    What are the absolute best stealth games?

    Are there any stealth games out there you really enjoy? Would you recommend these stealth games to anyone? I haven't played many stealth games myself, but for the ones I have most of them are optional as opposed to going loud. Fallout: New Vegas was fun to sneak around in, the Metro games...
  2. Keegs

    You're stuck in The Zone, (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games) what's the first thing you do?

    The setting is; You were playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and somehow got transported into the game - with nothing on you but a sausage and vodka. What do you do? What are the first things you try to achieve? How do you search for a way out, if you wish to leave The Zone? First thing I would do is find...
  3. EpicFILE

    What do you think about royalty-based resources?

    Hello folks! :D I am interested to know the business side of video game development (more specifically for RPG Maker). As far as I know, the resources available for games come from either resource packs, or paying a service to resource makers. I haven't seen the resources that come with...
  4. ShyGirlSarah

    Any FFXIV players?

    I love FFXIV and I love meeting other players. My main is on Aether - Midgardsomr and I'm still progressing through Shadowbringers. I love this game so much and I love talking/gushing about it!
  5. 2 or more game genres in 1 game

    can anyone tell my if there's a way to mix up 2 or more different game genres in one game? Example: role playing in normal game play from the start, then as the game goes on, side scrolling shooter the next time around, for this game's story, and then back again, and repeat, or optional!
  6. Shikashi

    What is your favourite vidya music?

    What game music gives you a massive dose of nostalgia? What do you find memorable? Share your favourite songs and soundtracks! I'll start with a few of mine: Morrowind: Nerevar Rising Dragon Age: Inquisition: Orlais Theme Silent Hill 2: Promise Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Gerudo Valley Zelda: Wind...
  7. jairuscmusic

    Just dropping a, "Hello."

    Hello. EDIT: Little about myself. I'm currently a University student studying Audio Production and Music Recording. Been awhile, I switched my major around quite a few times, but I'm definitely sticking in this area now. I want my music to have the highest quality mix and...
  8. BottleCapGames

    Nintendo Switch Discussion

    Hello everyone! So here we talk about Nintendo Switch Stuff! Or other Nintendo things! So chat! (Also, I'm a Nintendo Maniac. Don't mind me.) :kaoswt: Latest Nintendo Switch Game: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Thread Favorite Nintendo Switch Game: Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild
  9. Lambosannn

    FREE Looking for other creators!

    Hello there fellow nerds, I'm here today looking for other like-minded individuals. I'm currently working on a video game in the RPG aspect something similar to, To The Moon by Freebird Games Synopsis: Deki's mind is slowly fading he doesn't have much time left on this earth. Suffering from...
  10. AlwaysPrinceLeo

    Returning Characters or A New Cast?

    Let's say- hypothetically- a game you guys REALLY enjoyed is coming out with a sequel! Of course depending on the plot of the sequel, deciding whether to have new characters or not is limited. Let's say the sequel is going to take place approximately 20 years in the future. The original cast...
  11. Hollow 1977

    Gaming Dreams

    Okay we have probably all done this. Your are playing this awesome video game and it feels so real only to wake up and realize it was only a dream. I usually dream about zelda games and mario games and sometimes regular rpgs. The 3d for the dream is breath-taking and blows any system or pc out...
  12. Hollow 1977

    Neverending Stories in Video Games

    You have probably played a game once before that for some reason either profit or personal gain that a company decided to continue the game's story even though you felt it was finished. We have seen this in movies and tv shows with old stories being retold albeit a little differently. But why...
  13. Ness_the_Robo


    what kind of nintendo games do you like?
  14. Matseb2611

    Your favourite modern game soundtracks

    Was talking to @JCBrickston yesterday and the topic of game soundtracks came up which got me thinking. We all love the music from the older games, like the FF series and music from SNES/Genesis era. But what about modern soundtracks? So I thought I'd start a topic. List here your favourite game...
  15. NeoFantasy

    What's your favorite video game final boss

    So I was talking to a friend of mine last night and we got into this really long debate over what is the best final boss in any video game. So that got me thinking what are your favorite final bosses in video games, why do you like it so much, what does it represent etc. Mine would have to...
  16. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    Now and later...

    Video game systems now are Wii U's they used to be Magnavox Odyssey ours is so high tech now. Imagine what the Wii U will be 20 years from now...You control the game with your mind? When you tell your kids what an iPod used to be they will be like "What is that thing?" cause they will have some...
  17. Solo

    Your favorite video game music!

    Soooo... what's some of your favorite video game music? Any that made you cry? Or just holds a special special place in your heart? By the way, this can include remix/arrangement albums (or whole albums/soundtracks in general, not just individual songs). For example, I'm listening to the FF2j...
  18. Student in want of help.

    I'm a college student going for Computer Simulation and Gaming. My team and I are suppose to ask gamers questions. So I made up a Gaming Questionnaire and I would like your help. I'll truly appreciate it and it's about 20 Questions total. It's on google but you don't need an account to do the...
  19. Hirei

    [Extra LIfe 2013] List of Members + Update Thread!

    I will be participating in Extra Life 2013 this year! If you are participating you can use this thread to update your status, advertise your Twitch or LIvestream for donations. This is a fun event that raises money for charity! Play games and help kids! WHAT IS EXTRA...
  20. djDarkX

    SNES Classics and Obscure Titles

    There's a status update I saw and had to post this.  I'll probably do an NES, Gameboy and Genesis list too, but the latter (Genesis) I didn't really grow up with, so it may be lacking.  Don't be afraid to add your choices in! So, what is this thread about?  Since the advent of emulation, after...

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