video tutorial

  1. Archeia

    Visual Novel Maker Official Video Tutorial Series

    Introduction This is a series of videos on how to use Visual Novel Maker. It is currently a work in progress. We are taking suggestions and hope that this will help you create your Visual Novel! We also enabled Community Contributions so if you want to translate our videos or tutorials in...
  2. Kuro DCupu

    DCupu Eventing - Animated Character Selection

    This eventing tutorial works with most RPG Maker. Hello All! RPG Maker already have a powerful command series Show Pictures to call. Some people are just too lazy to make use of its full potential. What I want to show you here is more than just a video tutorial. What is this about? Ever...
  3. Hawkadium

    Easiest Way to Make Tiled Grass

    The absolute easiest way to create a tiled grass sprite.  (Substitute grass for dirt, snow, etc.) Programs used: (Free) Have any questions or comments, leave them here or on the video.
  4. SumRndmDde

    Persona 4 Party Formatting System

    Persona 4 Party Formatting System     This is a simple tutorial to show how you can format your party outside of the menu by speaking to NPCs. This is exists in a wide range of games, but Persona 4 was where I got the idea from.   This can be used to create: - Pre-dungeon/pre-mission rooms in...
  5. Nova Toby

    Zelda Style Puzzle Video Tutorial Series

    I've started a Tutorial series on youtube inspired by Zelda Puzzle mechanics. I will be teaching about Blocks, Switches, Keys, Bombs and all that good stuff. I hope you enjoy and find it helpful. I go over everything quite fast as I  am assuming you have basic knowledge of the program. Of course...
  6. Redweaver

    Redweaver's Video Tutorials

    Hello and welcome!  In this thread I will be providing links to my RPG Maker VX Ace video tutorials.  My videos are aimed at beginner to intermediate skill level users of the software, and I hope that you enjoy them! So far I have done tutorial videos on: Making a clock and calendar Making a...
  7. HamPants

    RPG Maker VX Ace Basics Video Series

    These videos are amazing, and have helped me explain things that I'm not good at explaining, to those who needed help. Thank you! :)

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now I need to determine, how MV determines if an auto tile is complete or not.
Edit:From what I can tell it uses Autotile kinds to do that.
Edit 2: The editor determines it and packs picture data for the engine....
Finished with the ground work for my class system, using Ellye's Class Change Equipment and Yanfly's Class Change Core plugins to implement an equip based subclass feature!
Hi people! I was wondering... Here in Brazil, we have a whats app group for we talk about rpg maker and our projects. A more informal way for we meet each other. Is there any whats app group out there? :)
Hi there im new to this making thing is there any sources you could recomend for teaching myself, on where to get started.

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