1. nijiko

    NIJI Video Player (v1.0.1) - Play multiple videos / gifs!

    With this plugin you will have fine control over videos and animations. You will be able to play, pause, stop, move, scale, loop, and apply animations in parallel to your videos. You will be able to scale your video and move it around at the same time. No longer are you limited to playing just...
  2. Soyer

    RMMZ Vimeo Player on RPG Maker MZ

    Hello someone can help me on the basics how i can made a plugin to play videos from Vimeon inside MZ ? Maybe similar to this https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/youtube-player.64810/ but with plugin parameter for Video ID to play video on event. I started from here...
  3. subengari

    RMMZ Game_Interpreter / Video looping infinitely

    Namaste, ladies and gents- I am working on a cut scene for my project that plays a prologue video when the player selects "New Game" from the title screen, before transferring to the starting map. To accomplish this, I have created a class called Scene_CutSceneBase that is called by the...
  4. RMMV Video (Webm for menu) and Improved mouse click movement.

    Hey pepz, I have a request for two plugins, firstly I am after a plugin that lets me import a webm video file into the background of the menu instead of the normal static image, I have had a good look but I don't think there is a working one for the latest version and I was wondering if someone...
  5. Can I assign a picture or video clip to an in-game key item?

    For example, I want to have a viewable world map static image (like a jpeg or png) that fills the screen when opening a "picture" key item or play a short video clip (like a mp4 or webm) when opening a "video" key item. If possible, how can this be done?
  6. AeroPergold

    RPG Maker Themed Meme Thread

    Hi all! Scott here. Welcome to my meme thread where you can post videos and image macros manufactured to be memes. The only caveat is that all memes in this thread stay focused on RPG Maker software, games, and the community (the last one also having the rule of being in good fun and not to be...
  7. SigmaSuccour

    RMMV Video as Parallax Background (Playing Motion Backgrounds Below Map & Player)

    ~ The more animated the scene is, the more player attention it can grab. So wouldn't you agree that a video, running in the map's background, can be a great tool for that? ~ What I want to use: a plugin that can run a video, as a parallax background, that the player-sprite can walk on...
  8. DawnStar

    RMMV In desperate need of a step by step guide to creating Scenes and Menus.

    I'm no beginner to programming, I have experience with Python and recently I've started studying Javascript to use in RPG Maker, so far I get the general logic of how things are done in the base scripts and how to modify them via aliasing, but I've been having a lot of trouble figuring out the...
  9. gabrieldiastche

    Trailers: What kind of trailer do you like?

    So guys, I always had a lot of discussion with my friends about that: I think there are 3 types of trailers that I see in the industry of games: 1) The OMG Cinematic: What is this type of trailer? So this trailer is something really simple: You open and then a HUGE CINEMATIC with the that...
  10. Horg1f

    Movie Player bug

    Hello everyone! I am developing a test project with RMV where before the start menu is played an introduction video, however, after it is over and the character is moved and audio of the video starts playing alone. Can someone help me? (I'm sorry for some problems with English, I'm translating...
  11. ovate

    Few of Kido's plugins

    2019-12-05 Menu Game End Quit the game by shutting down from menu. Instead of returning to the title, it ends the game. Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0kw7mbu942j5mgt/MenuGameEnd.js?dl=1 Enable Video Alpha Enables video alpha transparency By default- game hides the screen when...
  12. ovate

    Game Recorder

    Torigoya_GameRecorder - 2018/06/06 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) [ru_shalm] Overview Game screen recording system(β), output: webm Note - This plugin works with RPG Maker MV version 1.6 or above - If you record for a long time, the game will stop working. The recorded file is saved next to...
  13. Ganimate

    How can you make a video unskippable?

    Hi everyone! I have this cinematic intro video, and I want to make it unskippable, is there any way to make it so? Thank you!!!
  14. NovetNovA

    WEBM Videos not looping correctly

    Hello! im using the latest beta branch version and videos aren't looping correctly. There's a clearly visible blinking that randomly ocurrs between loops. That's the only bug i've encountered so far, but i think it's a problematic one. Looping videos are a constant resourse on my proyect. (it's...
  15. Diamond Star

    My first published soundtracks

    Hello! I am an RPG lover and RPG music lover, and like to compose music. So I decided to get encouraged and publish my music Listen to my first published tracks and follow me on soundcloud for incoming game music. Honest Emotions Echoes My Youtube channel...
  16. Sajai-D-Halo

    Is Sharing Videos of Early Development Useful?

    Hey everyone, I recently finished the rough draft of the first 15 minutes for my dungeon crawler. It's far from the final product but I was wondering if it'd be a good idea to grab thoughts from folks regarding its current direction. I made a video of me playing through it, thinking it'd be a...
  17. KiraNet

    Is there a way to change the event order of skills in battles?

    I would like to play a video befor the character starts to attack in that skill. But I tried to do it with the common event but it plays just after the attack... Is there even a way to change the order so that the video plays befor?
  18. Lakaroth

    RMMV Pictures above videos

    Hello, i neet to show an image at the beginning of a video something like. (Skip video) The easyest way is to render the image button on the video, but i don't like it, also because the render quality is low for the file size, it's ok for the entire video but a button or a text will look...
  19. Kokoro Hane

    Kokoro's OP/END/Trailers/PVs/MMD

    Hello everyone~ So one thing I absolutely enjoy is video editing! I especially enjoy making openings, endings, and trailers for my projects, as well as PVs or MikuMikuDance videos for things like VOCALOID/UTAU. And I thought, why not share some of my work? I create these videos via MAGIX Movie...
  20. ToastyTime

    Super Simple Jumping Puzzle: Tutorial

    Hello everyone! In this short tutorial I will be explaining how to create a very simple jumping puzzle that employs Yanfly's Yep_SmartJump plugin. This puzzle will allow the player to jump across tiles in a specific order so that if they hit every single tile they have completed the puzzle and...

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