1. The_switchify

    Some Of My Valve Fan Art

  2. Resource of a sprite of a monster

    Hi! I would like to know if someone could do me the favor of making me a sprite of this monster that you can see in the image that I put below, if someone could do it I would appreciate it very much and I would also put it in the credits of the video game, I would like the sprite to be 192 x 192...
  3. OnlyThroughProphecy

    FREE Altered Ancient Gears II (JRPG) Looking For Play Testers

    Hello Everyone, Hope your all having a wonderful and blessed day and are staying safe. I wanted to share something with you all. Im new to the Rpg maker forums as well as ive only have experience with the engine for a year. I always had a passion for gaming and wanted to be a developer. Gaming...
  4. How to make a scene from a diary?

    I am trying to make a scene where the player must read a diary, but the diary has several pages, therefore it is a set of several images in which, when the player presses a button, it goes to the next image and so on, but I am having trouble doing it, like for example if I put it on the action...
  5. How can I set a transition time to the title menu?

    I am using a Moghunter plugin which is MOG_Titlelayers and with that plugin I made a transition with the title image, at first the screen looks black and then the image comes out, I managed to do the same with the title name that comes out in the Title screen, at first the title is not...
  6. Tonko

    Your favorite (discontinued) game?

    I think that all of us have spent hours, days, weeks, months and years on games that were eventually discontinued forever . When this happens, many feelings cross our hearts; Sadness, anger... Or maybe just nostalgy. You know what they say; don't cry because it's over. Smile because it...
  7. MushReen

    Granblue Fantasy Player, anyone?

    Uh... Hello! So, I've been playing this game (Granblue Fantasy) in my free time or while working on my projects, and I'm wondering, are the people in the RPG Maker forum play this game too? Who knows, I meet an old player and maybe I could ask some of the questions about that game. Thanks!
  8. Artificer

    Do you hate cutscenes in videogames?

    Do you hate cutscenes in video games? If Not: What is the best thing about them for you? If Yes: In which cases do you hate them the most? What was your worst experience with a cutscene in a video game? Thanks for your time. I like cutscenes a lot because they give the background story...
  9. N-Game Arts

    Video Game Parody (Law/Design)

    Hello, Some of you may know... I've been hard at work on a Resident Evil RPG parody style game. I'm about 3 weeks in development (which I know isn't much) ^^; I will be using many assists from from the original games.... It's sad how often we see smart and good projects drop do to cease...
  10. OldPat

    Karma Flow - the Prototype [ENG WIP]

    As English is not my primary language, I apologize in advance for any wrong sentences that you may encounter from here on out.^^' I've decided to put this in the "Project Development" section even though is a full game because the English version is still WIP, but since I began working on it, I...
  11. Dalph

    Who are your favourite videogame villains? And why?

    The title says it all. Since I've played a huge amount of videogames (mostly rpgs) and I usually have more sympathy towards the villains than the usual heroes, I would like to ask to you guys, who are your favorite videogame villains and why?   Feel free to add "under an appropriate Spoiler Tag"...
  12. CodenameD

    The Only Videogame You Need

    We all have favorite video games of our own. But what if you were asked to live with only one video-game- what would that game be? It could be some single player open-world game that is a new experience every-time you play. Or maybe some multiplayer game where you can keep playing with your...

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I just made a breakthrough in my Battlecore problem where the Abort Battle command wouldn't work after using a Custom Action Sequence skill. It seems that Abort Battle can't be the last command in the event.
Before, the event was ordered (Dialogue -> Abort Battle). But having the message appear LAST fixed it.
(Abort Battle -> Dialogue)
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