1. Faherya

    Viewports on Scene_Battle

    Yeah, me again. And again I was editing the Scene_Battle windows when I came across it: It took me a while to figure out the existence of the Viewports and that I could not move the windows out of them. So, quick search (1, 2, 3). Great, now I know what they are, but there are some points that...
  2. Chaosgod_Espér

    Show Battle Animations on Event Layer

    Hi there, I´m in need for a Script, to make some Battle Animations (=BAs) to be shown on the same viewport and layer as events. So BAs are overlapped by *-Tiles. I don´t need this effect for all animations, so it would be nice to have an array, that stores all Animation IDs of the Database...

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It does sometimes get a little embarrassing that I often come here to ask for help with something and seldom have anything to actually show for it. If there is one thing though I can commend myself for, it's for sticking with an idea I've been tinkering with for this long now and gradually making headways. Even though I've been reserved about my progress, I can say I'm farther now than where I initially started.
I'm gonna put my project on pause for a tiny bit so I can explore the engine outside of it... Winging it can only get you so far LMFAO
Have seen some of my favorite people here posting and helping others with questions today -- love to see it!

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