1. Gabrelik

    RMMV Haven's Embers

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the official forum page for the maiden project of Charred Fur Studios, "Haven's Embers"! I've been around the community for quite awhile now, and while I've participated in (and started entirely too many unfinished projects to count), I have yet to complete a full...
  2. CursedEmbrace

    [Request] Viking Music

    Hello everyone. Have been working on a norse-esq area for my project and whether it is because I am looking in all the wrong places, but I just haven't been able to find much strongly fantasy viking-themed / influenced music that features period appropriate (or at least not anachronistic)...
  3. Jarl Van Damme

    Viking tileset/sprites needed.

    I am currently making a video game based on a legend from my home country, its The Legend of Beowulf, I'm sure you've seen the movie, but the game I am making is based off the book. I have hit a block in the road, I have no textures for viking ships, I need one for my game. Preferably...
  4. Archeia

    World Building Discussion: Viking Society

    World Building Discussion -Viking Society- This is the second of the series discussing about World Building/Settings to help spice up our games. They are in form of "tutorials" and everyone can share their thoughts and ideas in this. Everyone is free to disagree with the written article...

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