1. Milennin

    How to establish a villain as a serious threat?

    I've been thinking about methods on how to make players consider the villain(s) in a game as a serious threat, and not just as a random NPC with an evil looking sprite graphic that's forgotten about the moment they leave the screen. What are effective ways of making a villain leave a mark in the...
  2. Lord Vectra

    Side with the villain?

    As we know in most games, there is the hero(you), the person you side with, and the one you side against (usually the villain). How do people feel about having the ability to side with the villain or even go against both parties? I plan to do this in my project allowing all three options (for...
  3. Vox Novus

    Recognizing the Villain

    Been awhile since I've made a discussion question, anyway something I was thinking about after watching some gameplay of FF XV. How do you feel about a game where you see a character and right away you know that guy's the villain? Either they just have a really sinister look or in the case of...
  4. XIIIthHarbinger

    Playing as the Hero, the Villain, or an Antihero?

    Greeting gentle peoples of the interwebs, I wanted to get your thoughts on a particular subject, namely playing as the hero, villain, the antihero, & the ability to chose between those options. Now with my current project I am not having my characters save the world from some impending doom...
  5. Nirwanda

    Forest at the edge of the world

    Forest at the edge of the world:     Abstract: A villain gets dragged into a quest to save a village. Genre: Fantasy, Dungeon crawler Average Demo Time: 1:30 / 2 hours Game Progression: 50%   Story / Setting / Purpose: As Desmond, hot and upcoming villain your life was simple: exploring...
  6. fbu

    Unholy Sword

    Welcome to the official page of the game: BETA Version 1.0 already available! BETA VERSION 1.0 FEATURES: * 2h~3h of gameplay; * 1 Full Side-Quest ready to complete; * Fight Club available; * Open World with many areas ready to explore! DOWNLOAD LINKS: - Dropbox (Click here...) RTP OF RPG...

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