1. VillainFan42

    Top 30 Final Fantasy Villains Countdown (Complete!)

    Ah, Halloween is right around the corner. And Halloween gets me in the mood for villains. There’s just something about them that fascinates me. I couldn’t tell you what it is. Maybe it’s their range from sympathetic and charismatic to ineffectual and comedic to monstrous and terrifying that...
  2. Lord Vectra


    We will discuss villainology. The idea of villains, what makes them good, and what makes them bad. After reading this, I want to know your thoughts on villains and what you think is the true villainology or even if you think there isn't. It's mostly personal belief, but I'm sure through...
  3. Psyker

    Mechanics vs Narrative Villains

    I've watched a couple episodes of Extra Credits explaining about villains. Below are both episodes. Part 1 Part 2 Obviously, narrative villains fit right in with RPG Maker games but Mechanic villains can also. Being a dungeon master a few years back, I find creating narrative villains...
  4. Dalph

    Who are your favourite videogame villains? And why?

    The title says it all. Since I've played a huge amount of videogames (mostly rpgs) and I usually have more sympathy towards the villains than the usual heroes, I would like to ask to you guys, who are your favorite videogame villains and why?   Feel free to add "under an appropriate Spoiler Tag"...
  5. CodenameD

    Your Favourite Video Game Villain~

    It has to be a tie between Sephiroth from FF7 and Ganondorf from most Zelda games. While Sephiroth was a pretty cool and insane at the same time (and practically proved his point killing Aerith), Ganondorf is the badass super bad guy ever! His motives are simple yet cunning sometimes and his...

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