1. Hollow 1977

    Virus Update Thread

    Will all the crazyness going around with this virus recently especially with winter coming and now a second wave. I created this thread so we can all keep in touch and share our situations with one another and offer comfort to those who need especially those in the worst situations. Our...
  2. Matseb2611

    Snares of Ruin Zero

    A prequel to Snares of Ruin, showing the infection outbreak and other harrowing events over the course of 2 weeks leading up to Hank's and Gwen's arrival in the city. Follow the story from the alternating points of view of 3 ladies from the first game - Miroslava, Medina, and Alzyra. A short...
  3. CrimsonAdri

    Virus in downloaded file??

    Just bought RPG Maker MV and it got quarantined by McAfee so I analyzed the actual exe file and the set up file with https://www.virustotal.com. The actual exe program file has "Cylance" while the installation file has "Rising Malware.Heuristic!ET#89% (rdm+)" I re-downloaded and re-scanned...
  4. RPG MAKER MV virus?

    I never had this problem before today I just turned on my computer and Norton keeps deleting rpgmv.exe. It keeps categorizing it as Heur.AdvML.B threat. I thought maybe the game got infected for some reason so I uninstall everything and re installed it from steam once again just to be safe. And...
  5. Aceri

    Virus from a Facemaker

    Hey everybody, I just got done talking to the staff on here because I kept getting a popup to download RPGVXAce 5, and after further investigation with the staff they surmised it was a virus, trojan, and or malware so I scanned my system and yup, there it was. Apparently the cause or source was...

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Pyra and Mythra in smash ultimate are way too OP. They're basically Smash 4 Bayonetta 2.0, and not in a good way. Very toxic and unfair. At least they're hot tho.
attack on titan keep reaching a new height with each episode, aaa I can't wait another week for a new episode at this point
I've just finished organizing music files from a music Humble Bundle I purchased a while ago (putting in specific themed playlists, deleting from playlists, deciding which games they'll be used for. etc.). I'm feeling pretty confident that the sound design for my games will be up to high standards. Sound design seems to be relatively under-discussed as a topic in game development imo.
So I just got back from SeaWorld and I'm back to working on my game. I'm stuck on Shadowstar, mainly due to needing two more princesses... I have all the canon and toy princesses, plus Sunset Shimmer just for kicks. I decided not to include Cadence since this isn't in that era. But... I'm going to have to design two OCs now.
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