1. nathanlink169

    Raycast at Angle

    Hi all! I'm making a stealth script because there wasn't any that fit my particular needs. The "does the NPC detect the player" part is all taking place in common events because I'm too lazy to make an actual script. As is usual with game development, vision is three checks: a distance check...
  2. Jaxer

    How to make guard NPCs/Pokemon trainer encounters

    I want to add guard NPCs that walk back and forth in the movement pattern I set to them, and you would be teleported back to the beginning of the stage if they see you(Kinda like Pokemon trainer encounters, y'know), but I have no idea how to do that! There's no 'seeing you'-option in the Trigger...
  3. Candon

    Finally Going Public

            Greetings all, my name is Clayton. I'm known in gaming as MageisHero, and Candon on the RPG MakerWeb Forums. I first started using RPG Maker when I bought RPG Maker 2 for PlayStation 2. I loved it so much, to be able to make anything. I made funny scenes and adventures. But anyway, I...

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oddly enough, at this point... 3 major things have kept me from porting my project to MZ... animations, and that's mainly because they don't match the artstyle of my game. and two... I NEED a YED Sideview Battler like plugin and I have yet to see one. 3rd, I don't have the money for all the stuff I need plugin wise. and I already have it on MV... lol
Generally speaking, would there be interest in some form of tutorial regarding general project management? I see there are a lot of indie/self-taught devs around here, and looking back i feel like there was a lack of resources on how to properly manage a project that might take several years to finish
I've been working on some ABS team A.I. for 'A New Suburbia', and thought I'd share.

I'm generally quite please although the AI is a little grenade heavy right now :rolleyes: - Sneaking and stalking next! Please excuse the terrible map... it was just for ease of viewing!
Voting for the second round of the Map Madness Tournament is now live! Vote for your favorite in each matchup! https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?forums/map-madness-2021-polls.187/
Just bought the Visustella All Waves bundle... Time to go IN!!

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