visual equipment

  1. Pheonix KageDesu

    Battle Equip Layers - change the look of the character (MV + MZ)

    Battle Equip Layers 1.0 Pheonix KageDesu This simple plugin allows change the appearance of the characters in battle by equipping different items. This can be used to make the characters look more unique, or to reflect the type of equipment they are using. Additionally, the plugin can also...
  2. LadyBaskerville

    RMMV Looking for a set of compatible plugins: Visual equipment, poses, more than 3 frames

    I'm mainly asking in hopes that someone else has already implemented this in their own game and can give me some pointers. What I'm looking for is a set of plugins for RMMV that are compatible with one another (or can be made compatible with small adjustments) and provide the following...
  3. Holder

    RMMZ Visual Weapon Equipment in battle

    *Checked the Master Plug-in thread, and only one similar is for out of battle* Basics of this request is to have whatever weapon is equipped that it will always show above and below the actor who wields it. Linked from the note box with something like this: This example will be for actor 1...
  4. Pheonix KageDesu

    AnimaX - extended characters animations and visual equipment

    AnimaX 1.2 Pheonix KageDesu Introduction Extended characters animation system with layers support Features: Separate images (frames) animation images structure (not spritesheets) Idle animations No frames count limit Animation actions Changing animation sets during game depends...
  5. Krystek_My

    Visual Equipment

    Hi! I'm requesting for visual equip plugin for MV that affects walk, face, sv and dead (and meaby for enemies by Yanfly's animated enemies). I want it work with Yanfly's stuff. Someting like Rexal's one, but working P.S. I know Rexal's and SRD one Regards Krystek
  6. kat821

    Request for a compatibility patch (for Visual Equipment script)

    I discovered RPG Maker quite recently, so reaching out to the original creator of the script probably wouldn't work, as the post with the script was written in 2012. I have two scripts that I want to work together: Composite Graphics/Visual Equipment by modern algebra and Superman Ability by...
  7. Mawichan

    Battle Symphony + Paper Dolls.

    Hello there! So I'm using Yami's Battle Engine Symphony and Vlue's Paper Dolls. Paper Dolls is a visual equipment script that works by overlaying equipment sprites on top of the character sprites. I noticed that it doesn't work when the character enters the battle scene (so it just looks naked...
  8. ZelsesWind

    Visual Equipment, for events.

    Hello everyone. I am looking to implement visual equipments. Rexal's script does the job well for the player, so I'll use that. The thing is that the battle system I am using is made with common events, and the characters are displayed via events on the map. Do you know a plug in that allows...
  9. Compatibility Patch for Galv's Movement Plugins + Rexal's Visual Equipment

    Greetings, fellow game makers, plugin makers, scripters, lurkers or whatever :P It is with sadness and frustration that I come here, after trying to tinker with the plugins myself and miserably failing dozens of times, to deliver my plea before the gods-- I mean, the scripters. There is...

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