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  1. elduator

    elduator's (Visual Novel) asset packs!

    elduator's VISUAL NOVEL asset packs! These packs contain each 4 backgrounds with the time alterations: daytime/sunset/nighttime! You can use them as long as you have a RPG Maker MV / RPG Maker MZ and/or Visual Novel Maker license. Because each background makes use of the RTP Parallax skies of...
  2. VNM into RMMV cutscene ?

    is there are any way to use a project created by Visual novel maker in rpg maker mv like a cutscene? or would it be better if I made the cutscene with the GENE tool?
  3. CoffeeScript [Alfred Kamon's plugins] Fully customizable CG Gallery

    Since the default CG Gallery has reportedly been having some issues (lack of customization, minor glitches, hard to figure out), I've taken the liberty of making my own adjustments. This CG Gallery plugin features: 1) Easy picture selection for CG thumbnails and Gallery. 2) Up to 8 pictures per...
  4. Effects For A Single Word In A Sentence + Text Box With Common Event

    UPDATE: Never mind. I figured out how to get the pixelation, etc, I want by using Show Text and using multiple layers. (Words I want with the effects on a separate layer.) Once I have all of the text in the image, I show an image to indicate to the player that they may progress. I guess my new...
  5. mardin

    Loading issue ! ! !

    My players keep having the same problem with my game. They want to load a save and often times this message appears! I need some advice/help, please!
  6. Game in crasing

    Hi Guys, its my first post here and a need a help! I develop an mini visual novel for the education of geography. So i uploaded in and it worked untill first dialogue scene then he crashed. Does anyone know how to fix it? Here the link of the game:
  7. timotheosh

    Software will not start on Pop!_OS (Ubuntu derivative)

    I am running Pop!_OS 20.04 LTS (an almost exact derivative of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS). Just purchased VNM, but the program does not start at all. How to replicate? Run from either Steam or from the terminal using steam steam://rungameid/495480 When I try running from the command line, I get this...
  8. Can you change the ADV message box buttons? / Title screen button error

    I've been trying to change my game's message box to the ADV style one, to take advantage of the buttons on the side for saving/loading etc. All the buttons work as expected except for the title screen button, for some reason instead of taking me to the main menu I made it takes me to a default...
  9. mardin

    Background Picture gets stuck! What do I do?

    I have a problem with my game. I am using a hell lot of background pictures (currently more than 800), often times switching between them within' a loop. From time to time after a solid amount of playtime, it can be that a picture gets stuck in the background. From there on, the picture is...
  10. NovetNovA

    How do we handle Cubism Live2d 4.0?

    That's the question. Im thinking about purchasing a Live2d 4.0 license but i'm not sure if VNM handle's it since Live2d 2.1 and 3.0 are not longer available for download. Plus, the template that comes with the DLC freezes when i try to play test it.
  11. NovetNovA

    WEBM Videos not looping correctly

    Hello! im using the latest beta branch version and videos aren't looping correctly. There's a clearly visible blinking that randomly ocurrs between loops. That's the only bug i've encountered so far, but i think it's a problematic one. Looping videos are a constant resourse on my proyect. (it's...
  12. Vaena

    Unimportant NPCs in visual novels- how to portray them?

    The title sums this up, but I am curious what all of your thoughts are on those extra NPCs. The ones with only a handful of dialogue. Does it change based on what type of game you are building/reading/playing? Do you have a different stance as a dev vs a gamer? For example: I am building a...
  13. Niut

    visual novel Maker - CG pictures not showing in 1920*1080

    Hi, I have a problem showing a picture in the Cg gallery. It does not appears when I click on it. I can see the thumb, but when I activate it, I have a black screen instead of the picture? I've tried with the scene-based ui-example 1080p and the problem is the same. I don't have this problem...
  14. kory_toombs

    VN Maker - Steam Achievements

    This is a tutorial on how to add Steam Achievements to your Visual Novel Maker Game. This tutorial will mostly deal with the SDK / File requirements needed for a Windows 64-bit version of your game. You should already have a Steam Direct Account and an App ID In your game you'll need to make a...
  15. cherryjuice

    Tapping Gesture help

    I'm making a VN demo and I'd really like to implement a tapping gesture whenever, and wherever the player taps/clicks on the screen. I already made a tapping animation (it has 16 frames, I've been testing it and I think it's too fast? So I might have to either add more frames or find out how to...
  16. Text not syncing with voice properly

    If I didn't know better, I'd say it's doing it on purpose. The audio clip I'm using has no silence at the end, but when I use it on a message, it ends a good second or so before the text does, which becomes infuriating after a while. Turning the voice sync for the character off does nothing...
  17. mardin

    Loading preferences...

    I would like to know if there is anything I can do to change the way that Visual Novel Maker loads the assets. It looks like VNM loads everything right from the start, but when you have a lot of pictures and animations and sounds, it can get quite long and might be too much for older...
  18. Any way to disable right click menu on title screen?

    Right now I'm trying to disable the right click menu for a demo. I've figured out how to disable the right click in game by removing, this line of code { "type": "ui.Panel", "frame": [0, 0, Graphics.width, Graphics.height], "updateBehavior": "continuous"...
  19. Is there a library for the code required for a character creator?

    Looking for code for a character creator at the start of the game for the player. Ideally to make a generic character but mainly so created characters can have differing stats based on certain things like questions and point allocation.
  20. Tuomo L

    Android's deployed version has a memory leak

    Description of the Bug - Crashes after short period of time and force reboots the whole app. How to replicate the bug. - Open any of the example projects - At the end of scene, change to a new scene that can be empty or whatever small message you want like "It worked!" - Boot up the game and...

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