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  1. Keeping a consistent character throughout a game.

    Hello! I'm creating a game that will have a character selection at the beginning of the game. It turns into a visual novel style however that will be the same game throughout, but the images for the full sprites that appear in a visual novel would have to be different each time the character...
  2. Yrythaela

    RMMV The Sinners who Never Sinned

    Hello everyone, my name is Yrythaela and thank you for taking interest at my WIP game called: The Sinners who Never Sinned. The Sinners who Never Sinned is a multiple stories about self-acceptance, self-love and discovering ourselves. This gets explored more and much more that will be developed...
  3. BrandyMoon

    RMMV October 8

    October 8 is a game about a group of girls who play a game on Halloween and the wide-spanning consequences, plot and changes that brings. It's primary transformation content is Costume based changes and later reality warping/mind control and various metamorphosis kinks. It's meant to be a...
  4. Kyuukon

    Miraculo Island (HD)

    『 Not all miracles are good. 』 Engine: Genre: RPG/Visual Novel (Mystery, Horror, Slice of Life) Playtime: ~8 hours Summary You play as Nicholas, a guy who lost his memory due to an accident two years ago. Because of this you have no friends, no clear objective in life and have gotten behind in...
  5. FREE i need recruits for my game the cycle

    Engine: rpg maker mv Synopsis: the game is about a 19 year old boy named Jacob he learns his father has been seemingly killed by his uncle,he awakens this animal named lukin who is a guide Guides are the source of elemental magic one at a time Jacobs party gains the strength to wield a guide...
  6. Alui

    RMMV Action Smacktion: Breaking Brouhaha

    Synopsis: Legends LIVE, the biggest streaming event of the century, is finally underway on Action Island. People from all over the world come to fight for fame, glory, and everything in between all for the international audience to see! Tryouts for Legends LIVE are open for everyone. The only...
  7. calunio

    RMMV THERAPIST: Mind Manager

    CONTENT WARNING: This game is intended for mature audiences. It presents discussions and depictions of mental illness, suicide, licit drug abuse, sex and sexual violence. The topic of rape is addressed through numerous elements of the game, which include brief visual presentations. While there's...
  8. SigmaSuccour

    RMMV False Mercy (ACT I)

    SYNOPSIS: Gameplay: You simply walk from one place to the next, interact, read dialogue, and progress through the story. (No battle system, no choices. This game is a 'linear' experience.) With a solid 10 minutes of playtime. Note: This is only ACT I of the game. With ACT II & III coming...
  9. SigmaSuccour

    RMMV ⟁False Server (Tech-Demo Available!)

    1. SYNOPSIS: Gameplay: You simply walk from point A to B, interact, read dialogues, and progress through the story. Trailer: [/SPOILER] 2. CHARACTER PROFILES: [/SPOILER] 4. SCREENSHOTS: (Tech-Demo) 4. SCREENSHOTS: (What's to Come Next) 5. DOWNLOAD: (Tech-Demo Available!)
  10. SigmaSuccour

    RMMV False Rebirth: Enhanced Edition

  11. SigmaSuccour

    RMMV False Awakening Episode 1 & 2

  12. JacSkulls

    RMMZ Looking for an Auto-Skip Text and save during Event plugins

    Hello! Jac here. I'm actually trying to set up my own Visual Novel but I'm using RPG maker MZ for it. Preferably compatible with Visu Stella's plugins. It's as the title says. I'm hoping to be able to auto skip through the messages. Or more accurate, to "rush" through the event without truly...
  13. l8rose

    VNMaker Verloren: Starcrossed

    In Space, no one can hear you cry... or something like that. You've been chosen as a replacement Mechanic for the Orion. A starship engaging in a diplomatic mission to the Akeh Space Station in the Canis Major System. All was going well, you entered cryo sleep in a backup cryo chamber and...
  14. Keroanne

    FREE Looking for beta testers for a short horror game - Chi

    Who am I, and what do I need? My name is Kero, and I'm needing some help with beta testing! I've been working on a short horror game for approximately a year, and although I'm pretty happy with where it is, I need help to ensure it's as good as it can be. All art, writing, music, and other...
  15. Vih

    RMVXA Lyssa Project

    "Three people, three stories, three minds." Lyssa is an RPG maker game created by Vih and is in an early stage of development. It will have card battles, visual novel elements, animated cutscenes, and 5 chapters with a demo in production. In this game, you will have to know the story of...
  16. Mallowbird

    RMMV Investigator Intern Demo Release!

    View and Download on After 9 months of development, it's finally here! Thank you for taking an interest in my first game! This is a demo, meaning that it is not the full game (the full game is currently still in development). Investigator Intern is an otome game with four love...
  17. ovate

    Kanji - Visual Novel Style (menu buttons)

    NovelStyle.js (2019-08-17) Creator name: Kanji the Grass Overview visual novel style with menu buttons Features - Possible to save during text message process - Plugin parameters to set up buttons on the screen - Character can appear depending on window position How-to When setting up...
  18. Galv

    Galv's Visual Novel Choices MZ

    Visual Novel Choices RPG Maker MZ Plugin Galv Introduction Fancier choices menu like a visual novel. Features This plugin allows you to display the ‘Show Choices’ selection in a more visual novel style layout and using a graphic for the buttons and hover state. A tag can be included in...
  19. karinthefox

    RMMV The Dream Drinker

    Would you give up your dreams to get rid of your nightmares? WARNING: This game contains implicit violence, disturbing images and strong language. SYNOPSIS: FEATURES: SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD LINK:
  20. leusyth

    RMMV Astrid & The Witch

    My game is finally done! Thank you so much to everyone here who helped me out with testing it! :kaocry: Synopsis Screenshots Story Features Credits Download

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