visual state effect

  1. Jenovation

    YEP.114 Battle Animation Layer Bug - Showing underneath characters

    Hi all, Having a problem where in battles, after a while, all animation start showing underneath the characters instead of above. I'm using Yanfly Visual State Effects to show animations during state effects, when those start appearing in battle, as well regular battle animations, after a...
  2. Yanfly's Buffs & States + Yanfly's Battle Status Window, Status Icon Duplication?

    Hello, Back again with another Yanfly's greenhorn usage question that I can't figure out on my own. I'm using Buff and States Core and recently installed Yanflys Battle Status Window. Since then I have now have the Icons for States being applied to my actors showing twice on the screen. Once...
  3. Magusalfador

    Yanfly Visual State Effect question....

    Hi all!! Im using this script This plugin gives you the option to place the state icon over the player head and on the battle hud. There is a way to place the icon ONLY on the hud and not on the players head. BUT this...

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