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    Hello I have just discovered Visual Studio Code. I was on notepad ++ before. I open this post in order to discover a can this program with the community. Know your configuration. Yours recommended plugins . Your tips that facilitates the work and hack on rmmv...

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Back after almost two years! O_O"
It's time to get back to my unfinished character sprite attempt AND JS/plugin making learning! :D
Hey guys how come my new plugin that I programmed so perfectly doesn't work? Oh wait.... I forgot to add it to my game's plugins. :kaoswt:
While I take a break from developing RPGs, I'm thinking of doing something I've never done before: actually playing an RPG released by someone else. Any suggestions?
Good lord this is taking forever, I'm not even out of the opening really and I've still got hours worth of work to do before I get to the main gameplay loop. Orphan of Time will probably be done some time next year, If I'm lucky.

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