1. Lisa-style States visual display

    In Lisa the Painful, whenever a status effect is added or removed, there is a clear visual indicator (whether over the actor in the menu or over the enemy) How would I implement this in RPG Maker mv?
  2. StratumChecker

    Wrong tileset displayed in editor, but fine in-game? [RPG Maker VX]

    Hey all, first time poster here. Sorry for any issues, I am not a particularly techy guy, but I am looking for some help. I am working on a project, where I am recreating a game initially made on VX (not ace) to MV by hand. However, I am coming across an issue where in the editor, the wrong...
  3. nio kasgami

    Window UI resizer tool

    Introductions : This plugin is a Plugin developer aid tool that allows you to visualize window UI resizing without having to go back and forth with the playtest button. It doesn't save the UI per se. So it's important to save it in your code editor before you press refresh. how to use...
  4. Black Pagan

    Monster Encounters in a Survival Game

    Do you prefer Monster Encounters in a Survival Game ? What is your opinion on Visible Encounters in a Survival Game ? (Visible enemies) Do you prefer Visible or Invisible Monster Encounters ? A Survival game would be any game where the Player is forced to manage additional stats such as...
  5. JSON Keeping all text centred

    Is there anyway to do text alignment in VNM? I am trying to align all the text to the centre of the message box Kind of like how this is all centred now Any ideas on how to do this? Thanks in advance!
  6. Ganimate

    How can you make a video unskippable?

    Hi everyone! I have this cinematic intro video, and I want to make it unskippable, is there any way to make it so? Thank you!!!
  7. Region Sprite Reflection

    Hi, maybe I can post this here. I'm trying to use this plugin from this thread: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/region-reflection-request.77910/ it's working great at first, the reflection are beautifully done like this: But then I realized that I can't save the game when...
  8. OldPat

    RMMV AIKA - The Fragile Dance of the Broken Soul

    - Introduction - It has been exactly one year since PSYCHE Locke. Time really flies. Let's celebrate PSYCHE Locke's one year anniversary by talking a bit about the game I'm currently developing, AIKA - The Fragile Dance of the Broken Soul. AIKA is a short 2D Rhythm Game with Visual Novel...
  9. _Shadow_

    How to set a pixie filter and blend it with the screen using a plugin?

    So, to start simple, I want to make a plugin that targets the whole game screen and blends a pixie filter with it. Pixie filter code can be found here: FYR: http://pixijs.io/pixi-filters/tools/demo/ Please show me how things glue together, so I can build upon it. :)
  10. VitaliaDi

    Making RPG Maker Games Not Look Like RPG Maker Games

    Making RPG Maker Games Not Look Like RPG Maker Games I was wondering who has experience with this or if rpg maker game devs and players have strong opinions on this. I know some of the attraction of rpg maker games is the typical charming retro look and the more simple approach to game...
  11. How do I create this kind of effect?

    I'm trying to create a visual effect where when an attack in a battle occurs, or when a character is speaking an animation will appear but overlaying the map/battle. Basically, I want to greenscreen clips over specific scenes so that I save time on cropping each and every frame in the...
  12. JapoZero

    VNMaker Without You

    July 31, 2020. -This project has been cancelled. Don't expect more updates. Synopsis and Gameplay Features Screenshots Credits (2018 screenshots and content)
  13. AdamSakuru

    SRD Battle Popup Customizer + YEP Buff & States Core Issue

    SRD's Battle Popup Customizer and Yanfly's Buff & States Core plugins work fine with each-other, but I discovered a visual issue that is occurring as a result of some sort of minor incompatibility with the two. If damage/recovery numbers are to popup on an actor due to the trait "HP Regen" in a...
  14. AdamSakuru

    [PAID COMMISSION] After Images + Freeze SV Battler Sprites

    Edit: This is now a commission, rather than a request. If anyone is interested in taking this on, we can discuss what you think would be fair for pay! I'm using Yanfly's Battle Engine Core plugin, Yanfly's Action Sequence plugins and his Animated Sideview Enemy Battlers plugin. I've got a lot...
  15. [MV plugin request] Map effects?

    Hey! I stumbled upon a script for VX ace https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/map-effects.13941/ video: And I think it would be really cool to have something simmilar for MV x3 specially the distortion effect, it looks really neat!
  16. Exayda

    RPG Maker MV Full Image Event CG?

    Hello, I would like to make a game that can display full images that cut away from the main game screen such as those in you might find in a visual novel. I believe most of the tutorials I've found are to make images appear but not full screen. Also I'm not sure about how to change from image...
  17. Black Mamba

    Visual Drop/Loot Animation in-battle

    i want a system when you kill the enemy they really drop from him, show a animation with Icon from iconset or predefined pictures bounce in the ground and desapear, and show in corner of the screen loot/drop names examples: i made a mockup here:
  18. FREE WILD MOON (looking for translators)

    Wild Moon Engine: RPG Maker MV Creator: Sensei Masta WWW: http://senseimasta.wixsite.com/games Story First, this is yaoi/BL game. In the game we play as sweet and charming Sliver. With his eccentric family, he lives in a wild, unspoilt Old Forest. There is a pretty bad life in the herd as a...
  19. Lonewulf123

    Parameter Display Upgrade

    Hello, Thanks for reading through my thread. I'm looking for new and visually interesting ways to display parameters in the status menu and equip menus. Description: First, I would like a radar chart display for Parameters. You can see an example of one below. Interesting features to add...
  20. [ACE] (Yanfly) Making enemy HP bars visible only if offending actor has certain state?

    https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/battle-scripts/ace-battle-engine/enemy-hp-bars/ So, no where in this script does it reference the subject that's targetting an enemy, and while it may sound a bit arbitrary, I'd like to have it so that when targetting or damaging an enemy or enemies...

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