1. dealwithitdewott

    Looking for some help with finding a command for a visual novel plugin.

    Not too long ago I got my hands on a pretty handy plugin for doing visual novels in RPG Maker MV, but the thing is that the dialogue almost always shows up in a NVL format, which for the uninformed is basically when the text takes up the entire screen, usually with a black semi transparent layer...
  2. clownbf

    RMMV Romeo & Juliet: An RPG Maker Love Story

    An RPG Maker Love Story Synopsis: A timeless classic told through RPG Maker. Experience Shakespeare's most famous work again. Control Juliet as she navigates through the tragic tale of the star-crossed lovers. Help her find keys to doors to progress through the story.' Discover the secret life...
  3. TenraiEmiko

    Plugin Request: Game Jolt API for VNMaker?

    Greetings. I'm CaraPrincess. I'm planning to develop my game, Touhou Tennyoshi ~ Angel of Cordial Friendships, using Visual Novel Maker. Currently I have the Game Jolt + devlog of the game. Here's the Game Jolt devlog: One thing amazing about...
  4. KazukiT

    RMMV Blessed Relic Chronis

    Game Genre: Visual Novel/Mystery Artemis a struggling writer who is trying get his work published. On July 7, 1947, he finds a mysterious pocket watch on his porch. He thinks nothing of it until something happens to his neighbor and all of a sudden time has restarted to when he woke up. Can...
  5. Help for creating a visual novel in RPG Maker MV

    Good afternoon everyone. I need help. I'm trying to make a visual novel with RPG Maker MV, but I don't know how to make characters and busts for them. Could anyone help me with any generator, pages, plugins, resources, links, tips, tutorials, anything? I am new, but I want to do this little...
  6. OldPat

    RMMV AIKA - The Fragile Dance of the Broken Soul

    - Introduction - It has been exactly one year since PSYCHE Locke. Time really flies. Let's celebrate PSYCHE Locke's one year anniversary by talking a bit about the game I'm currently developing, AIKA - The Fragile Dance of the Broken Soul. AIKA is a short 2D Rhythm Game with Visual Novel...
  7. Vanessa

    Vertical Screen resize

    Hi, in short i tried VNM in my free times, and i was thinking about a super lite VN which is fit to vertical mobile phone size. Out of curiousity, i have questions regards things mainly for customizing screen element's default orientation. Here's following the screenshot, I need the Dialogue...
  8. Viridea

    RMMV Viridescent Dragon RPG -Demo- Feedback

    Viridescent Dragon RPG -Demo- Hi everybody! For a bit of background, I worked a bit with RPG Maker VX Ace and MV in the past only to leave projects unfinished. I want to try to change that by making this game. It's not trying to be the best RPG maker game in the world but I would like for it...
  9. Visual Novel/Rpg games?(rpg like combat)

    So i heard that there where Visual novels that have some rpg mechanics in them,like batteling enemies for like you do normaly in rpg's.With the release of Visual novel maker i am would be interested to trying out something like that myself,couldn't find a exsample of a visual novel like this...
  10. Aramil

    VNMaker Memoria

    [ Hello everyone, I’m Aramil the developer of Memoria a text adventure game set in an unknown future. You are Adam, a guy who lost his memory after an incident involving his cryogenic pond. Memoria is a playable, branching story of survival against riddles and choices. Your crew is still...
  11. Help with making a VN on VX Ace

    Hello, so I am making a visual novel game on RPG Maker and I was wondering on how to make a visual novel feature work on VX Ace. So basically, I want to put Save, Load and Exit buttons above the dialogue box and making the player to be able to perform those functions at any time. But, I don't...

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