visustella battle core

  1. RMMZ Having trouble making Battle Portrait work with Battle Core VisuStella MZ

    My Battle Layout Style is set to portrait and in Portrait Style "Show Portraits?" is at true. In "Note" for my actor, I've added the file name which is located in img/pictures inside <Battle Portrait: x file name>. I've got no clue what needs to be done after this or if I'm missing something. I...
  2. gRaViJa

    RMMZ VisuStella MZ Normal Attack Action Sequence (AutoMeleeSolo)

    Hello everyone, For VisuMZ Battle Core plugin, is it possible to change the sequence for normal attacks? In the settings -> Action Sequence settings, turning off "Melee Single Target" reverts the attack sequence back to MZ basic version. Here I also found "AutoMeleeSolo", this is probably the...
  3. RMMZ Visustella ATB (Real Time)

    Is there anyway to make it so the battle doesnt... stop processing the bars? When its in menu? It keeps acting like "wait" no matter what changes I make to the plugins and I just dont understand what Im doing wrong here. Also is there a bountyboard here? Im willing to comission some scripts but...
  4. Xenwarrior5

    RMMZ Conflict with MalMZDualWield and Visustella Battle Core

    MalMZDualWield is a plugin that allows you to make offhanded weapons that have unique traits that only apply if they're wielded in the offhand, while also letting you make two-handed weapons that seal the offhanded dual wielding slot. It's a great plugin if you're trying to give people more...
  5. RMMZ [SOLVED] Visustella Battle Core - Customizing Critical Hit Damage Multiplier

    Hello everyone! I'm using VisuStella's amazing plugins in my project and so far I'm loving that they are giving me new and interesting options to customize gameplay. I'm running into a stone wall though, and that is I can't customize the damage formula in the way I'm intending. Inside the...
  6. WanderingDudeBM

    RMMZ VisuStella Battle Core with Force Action Cut Scene - Need Help

    In the game I am making, there are a few important boss battles and tutorial battles with scripted events which require Force Action. I've been upgrading my game with VisuStella's plugin's which are great! But, as I found in the notes for the Battle Core, the plugin doesn't play too well with...

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one of the coolest things I've learned from the forums is the ability to give yourself a hitbox. I have a move you can do on the fields. shoulder tackle. thanks to the forums, that tackle triggers self A switches on some events. NPC's and the environment now react to the tackle. awesome.
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