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    Sorry for the bold letters but cant figure this out. Is there a way to make certain weapon types take up additional slots? Like example if my character has 2 weapon slots but equips a Great sword, they cant equip anything into the second slot? Thank you in advance for the help =3
  2. Hazel2eyes

    RMMZ When MP reaches 0 activate state - Visustella

    I'm currently using the Skills and states core by Visustella and I was wondering how to add a state when the MP of a party member reaches 0 in battle.
  3. RMMZ "Slow" Action Sequences in VisulStella Battle Core

    Yu There is this bug in Action Sequences in VisuStella Battle Core This video shows my problem Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?
  4. RMMZ .requestAnimation script call not working

    Apologize if this is not the right place to post this, but I am trying to select two random events and play an animation using the following scripts (using MZ with Visustella plugins): However, the animations are not firing and I get the following error message: Most of the references to...
  5. DSBwizzardMakesGame

    Question regarding VisuStella STB Battle System Speed calculation

    Hello, I am trying out VisuStella's STB Battle System and am enjoying it a lot so far. I have run into what appears to be an interesting quirk with how speed is calculated, however. I have a Skill which applies a State, and this State causes the affected target's AGI to be reduced by 25%. Now...
  6. Speedvore

    RMMZ [SOLVED] VisuStella Message Core: How to Properly Use Macros/Text Codes?

    Hi, I'm having some trouble fully understanding how macros/text code actions/replacements work in the VisuStella Message Core plugin (currently using version 1.21), after reading through the wiki/troubleshooting pages, and was hoping someone could help clarify for me! I'm trying to create a new...
  7. Nerine

    RMMZ Items and Equips Core VisuStellaMZ

    I'm wondering how to make potion only usable for a certain actor: <JS Item Enable> if (user == $ enabled = true; else enabled = false; </JS Item Enable> I used this and set the scope of an item to "user" but that doesn't work as I wanted it to do, because outside...
  8. Nerine

    RMMZ Visustella's Custom Params help

    I was wondering if it's possible and how to make Custom Params appear only for certain Actors? Example: I have a Param called "Fire Proficiency", but character I have won't use fire at all, so I don't want this stat to appear on his character page. I'd be really grateful if somebody helped me...
  9. Austrian

    Anyway to add Custom Class Parameters in MZ?

    Hello all, Is there a way to setup custom growth parameters for classes in MZ, similar to YEP Base and Class parameters in MV? I like to setup a formula for growth base parameters and experience levels per class. But haven't been able to figure out how to do this in MZ. I do have VisuStella's...
  10. Bludiamonds

    New to RPG Maker: adding more items to tilesets

    Hi all, brand new to RPG Maker MZ (my significant other has used previous version 6 years ago, probably MV) and I'm looking to help him return to his gaming project. He is looking to do extensive customization on his maps and I've helped him gather some amazing tilesets and objects (shout out to...
  11. RMMZ Targeting Question

    I’m using Visustella plugins for MZ. I was wondering if there was any way to create skills that target only one line of enemies.
  12. thenerdmansion

    RMMZ Replace TP bar with EXP bar in main menu

    Hi all, I am using the Visustella main menu core plugin and this is what the code looks like for what the main menu is being asked to show for the portion of information that I am trying to show. // Place Gauges sx += 180; sy = rect.y + ((rect.height - (gaugeLineHeight *...
  13. RMMZ Visustella Auto Skills - TPB bug?

    Hello, I've recently began using the Auto Skill Triggers plugin from Visustella - which allows for skills to auto trigger during specific instances; taking damage, enemy death, player death etc. The plugin appears to be running fine; when my character takes physical damage she then...
  14. Visual Fogs VisuStella MZ - Vignettes Problem

    My map notetag: <Fog 1 Settings> Name: Clouds Horz Scroll: 2 Vert Scroll: 2 Opacity: 150 Vignette: Border </Fog 1 Settings> When I first time move to the location with this "Vignette Fog", the fog works. When re-visiting this location or another location with such "Vignette Fog", the fog does...

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