1. RoxasZf

    Deployment for iOS/Android with plugins

    So I saw around that people were saying that sometimes plugins can effect the functionality of your game when you deploy it for iOS or Android and I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with deploying and running their game smoothly on those platforms with plugins The only ones I use...
  2. Synchromystic

    RMMZ Horror FX plugin makes map tiles disappear.

    Pretty sure this is a bug, unless there's a more optimal way to set up my events: I made a tiny mock-up scene to test out some tiles and plugin combinations, and had three separate character events that were just standing there with the glitch and TV Screen effects from the the Horror Effects...
  3. aboynamedearth

    RMMZ Visustella Main Menu Core - Move individual commands in command window?

    I'm curious if there is a way to specify where I could place individual commands for the command window. Is there a way to set X and Y coordinates for individual commands? I imagine it could be achieved within Core Engine > Menu Layout Settings, but what I've gathered from other threads is that...
  4. Shadows not working with VisuStella

    Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong category, but as it's plugin related I figured I would ask here. I have the newest Wave8 pack from Visustella installed, however whenever I activate (turn on) the CoreEngine plugin I lose shadows in the game. They show up fine in the editor...
  5. RMMZ Visustella MZ Option Core help

    I want to add my own custom options into the menu but i have no javascript knowledge, can anyone provide me with and example script for an option? I want: A slider that controls a variable A switch that control a switch Can anyone give me an example code and tell me how to configure them?
  6. RMMZ Need help with targeting for a constriction skill using Visustella.

    So I'm trying to make a skill that constricts the target to prevent them from moving. My thought process for the skill is this: 1)Actor/Enemy uses the ensaring skill on a target on opposing team. 2)Target becomes 'Constricted'. In this state, they are unable to attack, guard or use skills or...
  7. Silenity

    RMMZ VS Skill Cooldowns go down when hitting enemy weakness

    I understand if I can't receive much help since these are paid plugins. I'm using VisuStella's Skill Cooldowns plugin as well as a variety of their other plugins. The other main plugin I'm trying to use in conjunction is VisuStella's Press Turn Battle plugin. I'm trying to figure out a way to...
  8. NaosoX

    More control over Visustella Item/Skill display data

    Introduction Required Plugins: Anyone using Visustella should be familiar with how Items and spells display more data for the player to see. I've seen multiple requests inquiring...
  9. Trihan

    Evidence-gathering thread to pinpoint a reproducible environment for VisuStella CTB softlock bug

    Hi folks! For a while now, users of VisuStella's CTB battle system plugin have been experiencing a bug that soft locks the game, but it's so rare that nobody has yet been able to reproduce it consistently enough to provide a bug report project that they've been able to consistently replicate...
  10. Parallax Panda

    RMMZ Visustella_EventMoveCore - Sync/Chase problem

    I tried out Visustella's "EventMoveCore" plugin for syncing the movement of an event to the player. In detail, what I've done is I've put this "notetag" in the events notebox: <Move Synch Target: Player>, and yes - it works. But, when I try to set the move route to either "Approach" or a custom...
  11. L-U-X-Caelum

    RMMZ VisuStella Variable Gauges - Setting Max Value with JS

    I'm using VisuStella Variable Gauges plugin. Basically you choose a game variable and this plugins fills and depletes the gauge dynamically when that variable is updated. Sweet! However, when creating a gauge, you need to assign its MAX VALUE manually, which by default is set to a number, 100 ...
  12. Raven Guertena

    RMMZ Visustella quest journal plugin

    It's a great tool and all, but the video of the plugin helps little to really explain how to properly use it to the fullest potential. So here I am wondering with a few questions 1. how do I make certain quest have the number tracker? 2. if a quest has multiple objectives, how exactly can I...
  13. zotezha

    RMMZ help weakness display Visustella

    hi, is there somebody using weakness display plugin by Visustella? I want to ask how to display element weakness from attacking? "Goblin" has fire weakness, and my character holding fire element weapon, when my character attack the goblin, the weakness didnt show? anybody know how to fix this?
  14. RMMZ Class Change System VisuStella MZ - Subclass Level Check

    I am completely new to pulling information for events, and I'm having trouble finding out how to check the levels of each class equipped to actors. I'm trying to create items that grant certain classes to characters, but require specific levels. I need to be able to check the level of the...
  15. LawrenceindaSky

    Custom VisuStella OptionsCore Options?

    So I've been trying to fiddle with trying to learn .js and I just can't seem to wrap my head around it after so much time, so the plugin, OptionsCore by VisuStella, I'm trying to get a Custom Option, just something simple to test, I want to have this Option to have 3 Options, 1, 2, and 3, each...
  16. Madre_Joshua

    RMMZ VisuMZ Itemsequipcore - Move/Hide TP gauge?

    I am currently using the Itemsequipcore plugin from Visu, and I've run into a specific problem. The TP Gauge (In this image renamed to EX instead of TP) clips into the Max HP display of the Equip menu while using this plugin; similarly, the upper part of the "L" in the actors name gets slightly...
  17. Madre_Joshua

    RMMZ CoreEngine - Magic (and magic defense) Stat not showing up?

    Hello Everyone. I have recently started using the VisuMZ plugins. So far, I have installed all the X-core plugins; however, I have run into a rather...unusual issue. For some reason, The "Magic" stat is missing in the equip menu. (it should be noted that magic defense has been changed to...
  18. RMMZ Visustella ATB (Real Time)

    Is there anyway to make it so the battle doesnt... stop processing the bars? When its in menu? It keeps acting like "wait" no matter what changes I make to the plugins and I just dont understand what Im doing wrong here. Also is there a bountyboard here? Im willing to comission some scripts but...
  19. Xenwarrior5

    RMMZ Conflict with MalMZDualWield and Visustella Battle Core

    MalMZDualWield is a plugin that allows you to make offhanded weapons that have unique traits that only apply if they're wielded in the offhand, while also letting you make two-handed weapons that seal the offhanded dual wielding slot. It's a great plugin if you're trying to give people more...
  20. Mark_Lecarde

    RMMZ Gauge shape plugin compatibility issues.

    Good day! Is there anyone who tried gauge shape plugin from Salik's news? That plugin, sadly, somehow conflicts with Visustella's Skills and States Core (was deduced by disabling all plugins one by one). If they both are enabled, only TP gauge is changed. I understand that Visu's code is...

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