1. RMMZ Visustella Lighting Issue

    Hello! I’m working on a project and have Visustella’s Lighting Effects installed. I have all my plugins properly ordered Tier 0-4,etc. It’s my first time using this particular plugin so I tried the example on the Wiki, saved my file, started a new game, and no lights. I then turned intensity and...
  2. RMMZ Is it possible to change the visuals of the comparison stat chart from Visustella´s ItemsEquipCore?

    Hello there beautiful people :kaothx: Is it possible to remove or change the sprites of the comparison stat table of the Visustella´s ItemsEquipCore plugin? (marked in the figure below) It takes by default the sprites of the characters but when using larger sprites the table gets really messy...
  3. djroberts1

    RMMZ VS Crash on Weapon Unequip

    Hi all, I'm using VisuStella's Item/Equips Core, and my playtest crashes when I try to unequip a character's weapon. The crash doesn't occur when the plugin is off, and there are no rulings set in the plugin parameters that would cause the weapon slot to be unable to be empty. What could be...
  4. djroberts1

    RMMZ Y Position of Actor Graphic

    I'm using Visustella's ElementStatus Core plugin to customize my game's Status menu. I'm trying to move the face graphic for the actor vertically (down) so that it's centered in the empty space that I have allotted for the image. The problem I've encountered is that while I can move the image...
  5. Issue with VisuMZ TileD plugin

    I keep getting this error after about 2 seconds only on this specific map and only in the last few days despite the map having existed unchanged for months, asked this in the TileD forums too but any idea what could be causing this?
  6. Visustella and Dot Move compatibility?

    Hello! Has anyone attempted to use Visustella plug-ins alongside the Dot Movement plug-in included as part of the Steam ARPG DLC? I'm trying to get 8-directional sprite support from VisuMZ_1_EventsMoveCore to work while DotMoveSystem is enabled, but it seems like both plug-ins use different...
  7. tsurugikage

    I am confused with Character Creation System VisuStella

    So I am trying to use VisuStella's Character Creation and I wanted to try it out, but while the class and image do look like how they are supposed to.... The traits don't seem to be showing properly. If anyone has any idea how I can fixe this, I am all ears.
  8. AquaEcho

    RMMZ List of Free Alternatives to VisuStella Plugins

    This is a work in progress list of completely free alternatives to VisuStella plugins. I prioritized English language plugins, or at least plugins with English in the plugin help file (green entries), and completely free for both noncommercial and commercial games. If a plugin is only in...
  9. HarlanX

    RMMZ [RMMZ] Is it possible to spawn events at the player's X/Y position with VisuStella's "Movement and Events Core" plugin?

    Hello RPG Maker enthusiasts-! I'm here to ask a simple question today. Is it possible to spawn events at the player's X/Y position with VisuStella's "Movement and Events Core" plugin? Currently, I figured out a way to spawn events in FRONT and BEHIND the player, but not directly at the player's...
  10. How clear the weather after a battle ? (MZ)

    Hello, I am new, here, I am french. I use RPG Maker MZ. When a battle with monsters begins, a weather effect is displayed. Exemple : (weather from Plugin Visustella WEATHER EFFECTS - MZ) And... after the victory of the battle... The weather stay on the worldmap... (-___-) So... Have you...
  11. Jobhob

    RMMZ (+VisuMZ ItemEquipsCore) Improve Custom Entries text display

    That's a very specific thing. ItemEquipsCore allows you to add custom entries to items, and I thought I can use it to make a in-menu dialogue-esque description for some items, such as key items. Byt the thing is, it doesn't really able to display a lot of text (second screenshot, text just...
  12. NyTo83

    Name 'Undefined' for the bestiary menu (Visustella Bestiary)

    Hello, I'm using the Visustella Bestiary plugin, which works perfectly, except for a reason I don't know, the name 'bestiary' doesn't appear in the menu. However, when I added the quest journal plugin at the same time and configured it the same way, it displays correctly. Do you have any ideas...
  13. Saireau

    RMMZ Wildsilver — now in Early Access!

    Early Access Wildsilver is the fifth JRPG created by Great Potion Games. This is the early-access version of the game, 0.9.x. It contains the complete story, all skills, items, equipment, enemies, locations et cetera. It's a full gaming experience, but there will be regular patches with...
  14. chris-cote

    RMMZ Playing an animation on target enemy (With VisuStella or otherwise)

    As the title states, I am trying to set up a system where when a skill is used, it plays an animation from a sprite sheet on the targeted enemy. I am using VisuStella plugins, so I already have everything set up to run common events when a skill is used, and I have the VisuStella animation...
  15. oniichanjones

    RMMZ Enemies smart enough to ATB Interrupt? How do.

    I would love a clean way to get enemy AI smart enough to use an ATB interrupting skill on an a player actor that is mid-cast. I have been wracking my brain trying to crack this, and all I can come up with is to rewrite each skill with a cast time as an action sequence, and put a state? on the...
  16. Puppet Knight

    RMMZ Integrating Fomars EquipSkill Gauges into VS Shop Status

    I am looking to include some very specific information in my shop status screen on equipment. I am using Fomars Equipment Skill plugin to have my weapons track skill use in battle This is shown on the Equip Scene when highlighting a weapon. What I would like is to draw those same gauges...
  17. RMMZ Help Using VisuMZ_3_inputcomboskills Plugin by VisuStella

    Hello RPG Community, I am experiencing a problem with the input combo skills plugin that I bought from VisuStella. Whenever I add the notetags to a skill and test the combat of my game, nothing happens when I press the buttons on my keyboard or controller. What am I doing wrong? Below is a...
  18. rpgmakerxp

    RMMZ Display/margin Devlog popup immediately after turning on visustella plugins for core and message core?

    This happens at the start of the game/opening. Only possibly related issue is the resizing of the main resolution or ui area to 480 in settings 2 from MZ to 480x432. Other than that, I have no idea what this is talking about(image) since the text and windows appear just fine. There were more...
  19. JadeTheurgist

    RMMZ Do Visustella Trait Passives provide skills?

    So I've been experimenting with different combinations of Visustella plugins to get a better understanding of them, as some features in these plugins I've never used before. One of the main ones is the Traits added in the Elements and Status core. I tried seeing if it was possible to make...
  20. Lilkxdude4101

    RMMZ Help with Message formatting (VisuStella)

    I'm currently using VisuStella's Message Core plugin and while it helps out a lot there's one problem I can't seem to fix. In my project I'll have the characters chat with a computer every once and a while. For the most part, the schtick is that they talk in brief sentences, and every one is on...

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