1. RMMZ Custom Parameters - Visu Core Engine

    Dear All, I believe this might have been asked many times, though i can't seem to be able to work on it concretely by reading past threads. So i have created a custom parameter with Engine Core & Element&Status , " Fame ". Showing up in my status menus and all fine, no issues. My...
  2. dragoonwys

    RMMZ Visustella CoreEngine with DK Localization Compatibility, only the Battle Scene Actor name is not translating properly when used together

    Hello! There is a problem I'm facing with using specifically: VisuStella's Core Engine And DK's Localization plugin All plugins...
  3. RMMZ [Visustella Sideview Battle UI] How to modify Window_ActorCommand's Width ?

    Hello ! I'm trying to change the Window_ActorCommand to make it horizontal. However, Visustella seems to change the function, making it impossible to change the width of the Window. I tried changing the width by writing a plugin to change Window_ActorCommand and/or...
  4. Encounter Effects - VisuStella MZ Plugin

    Hello everyone, I have a technical issue that I must resolve to complete my RPG Maker MZ game. I purchased a plugin a few days ago called Encounter Effects that I cannot get to work. I am not sure how to apply the plugin to an enemy sprite or event. I’ve attached some screenshots so you can...
  5. Multi-use action sequence issues.

    So I'm trying to make an action sequence that can be used by all spells of the same element (one for fire, one for ice, etc.) Currently, the basic functionality of the action sequence works: it plays the animation, deals damage and actor animates. What i'm having trouble with is the secondary...
  6. RMMZ Visustella dragonbones union error

    Hello all! I'm having some issues with Visustella's Dragonbones union plug-in. I've used it in the past without incident, but now I keep getting the error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot use 'in' operator to search for 'version' in null I have the dragonbones components in my dragonbones folder...
  7. dragoonwys

    RMMZ [Sloved]Help w/ skill common event, find Enemies w/ VS Passive State then add 1 new state to 1 random enemy in that specific group

    Hello! :rhappy: I have this skill that sometimes work but sometimes it doesn't and gives a script error in the console log, so I would like to ask for some help with it. I am using Visustella's Passive States as part of this process. All plugins are latest version and arranged as on the...
  8. Mascott

    Issues Rendering Game on Mobile Devices

    Hey all, I've been having issues recently with playing my project on mobile devices thanks to some kind of rendering error. When Ioading up the game in a browser on desktop platforms, this isn't a problem - only on my Android test device. I make use of VisuStella Core and Message plug-ins...
  9. RMMZ Animation not playing to completion.

    I created an animation using Aseprite and Dragonbones of a character throwing a spear, however, it doesn't play correctly when I import it into the game and instead plays only the first few frames. Any ideas? Full animation: What appears...
  10. Specific weapon skills when equipping multiple weapons

    I'm using Visustella's plugins from their sample game project (plus a couple others). What I want to achieve is to have a locked inventory of 3 weapon types, so that in battle, you choose each weapon as an action category and select either their equivalent of a normal attack or a skill that...
  11. BuckyBattleBorn

    Random Common Events being called after Battle.

    Does anyone else have a problem with your project calling a random common event after you win a battle? I've been dealing with it for months. I remade the project 3 times. I looked at all my plugins. I deleted the common event being called. then when that didn't work I remade the project again...
  12. RMMZ (Visustella) More currencies plugin

    Can someone please show me how to work this plugin? Like how to add a trading system for a shop or currency. I’ve been all over trying to figure it out and can’t get it to work because it can’t find the proxy when I make one. I’m new to scrips and programming but I really want to get this to...
  13. RMMZ VisuStella message core lag

    I've just recently started using RPG Maker for the first time and decided to start with MZ, while making my game I needed a way to hide some choices until conditions were met, so I installed the VisuStella message core plug in to make things easier, problem now is that having the plug in on...
  14. Synchromystic

    RMMZ Visustella FV Battle UI plugin crashes unless full party

    I recently picked up VisuStella's FrontView Battle UI plugin and it's ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for what I was wanting: a way to keep character portraits at the bottom of the screen without obscuring my characters due to custom screen resolutions. I'm actually using it for sideview battles, and merely...
  15. Lunyc

    RMMZ Battle animations play twice with Moghunter's battle HUD

    I'm using both Visustella's battle core and Moghunter's battlehud for my game, and while they don't cause any compatibility issue with the game itself, battle animations are glitched. Basically, animations always play twice, whether on enemies or on the actor busts (frontview battle) and it's...
  16. Dungeonmind

    RMMZ Help with Order Turn Battle VisuStella

    I'm pretty sure it's bugged because I can't add a turn to the current or next turn using the provided note tag. Anyone else have this problem?
  17. VisuStella ElemStatus Core Access Category: 2 Columns for Armor Type

    Sorry, Mods. Not sure if this is the right section but pls move this post if necessary. TIA. As the title says, how can I add another column for the Armor Type (Gear Classes in my case) in the Access (Proficiencies) Category. Got a lot of Armor Types for each Class (actually, 1 per armor...
  18. Drekex

    How to prevent VisuStella Core Engine from crashing my playtest

    Yesterday, the Playtest function was working with no problem, but today, I started 1 Playtest which worked without issue and following some changes inside 2 events, 1 being a set movement route on parallel and another was a script conditional branch script that's looking for a specific event...
  19. JamesTheReaperVT1408

    Level up without gain paramater RPG Maker MZ

    I've done it before, but i just cannot find it anymore. i just want my hero gain exp and level up wihtout them having a paramater boost. (because my level up give pts to ugrade the stat individualy) like in bloodborn. i know thta Visu core engine can probably do it, but i just cannot find...
  20. RMMZ VisuStella - Hide TP in Window but not during battle?

    Hi all, Basically I've been having a problem with VisuStella BattleCore and EquipMenu - any solutions would be greatly appreciated! Essentialy, the TP bar is always covering the Max HP Gauge in the Equipment Menu, which looks really bad. But whenever I try to hide TP from the pause menu, it...

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