1. KenSoulslayer

    RMMZ [RMMZ] [VisuStella Main Menu Core] (Help) Icons not being able to displayed on Variable window

    In the wiki the example uses 2 variables to be displayed and that just works fine for me as well, but in there example they have icons next to the variables I wanted a similar layout but I cant seem to be able to do it, in the wiki it says to just put /i[x] for a icon But when I do it in my...
  2. HalcyonDaze

    RMMZ MZ/Visustella-Compatible Enemy Catch System

    Looking for something similar to this: I was originally going to see if it would work in MZ, even though it was created for MV, but it requires Yanfly Battle Core to function properly, and I am using Visustella's Battle...
  3. Lunyc

    RMMZ Visual problem with VisuStella element status plugin

    Has anyone experienced such a problem when using the <Dealt Element Plus> notetag from VisuStella element status core plugin? I put +10% damage for fire, ice and lightning, but it shows that weird number, and I don't know if it's actually that or +10% when playing. Something similar also...
  4. RMMZ Visustella Main Menu Core - Portrait Scaling

    Hello, I'm trying to use the full actor portraits (steam dlc img\pictures folder) in place of the standard actor busts (new data img\pictures folder) with Visustella Main Menu Core using the portrait style layout. I was unable to find a solution on the Visustella sample product thread or...
  5. Ultima01

    RMMZ Level-Based Formula for Parameters Not Working [VisuStella] [VisuMZ_0_CoreEngine]

    (feel free to move this elsewhere if this isn't the right place to post this) Before I start, I would like to say that the VisuStella plugin suite is working quite well so far. It's great for a lot of things that the base engine is missing. Anyway, I decided to try something different...
  6. FlynnSP

    RMMZ Returning JS in Message Core Macro [VisuStella]

    Hello, I'm using VisuStella Message Core plugin for RPG Maker MZ, and I'm trying to use Text Code Replacements to create macros for stats display. For instance, I want to be able to write Restores \HP[500] in item description and have this result : I can do that by writing Restores \c[18]500...
  7. Blayze

    VisuStella Main Menu Core Plug-in: Change Gold Icon?

    The currency for my project “The Rift” is not “gold“, it’s “shards” so I’m trying to change the icon for it in the plugin settings. I didn’t see anywhere in the help file if there was a way to change the the icon for gold on the main menu, though it’s possible I just missed it.
  8. Zakarijah

    Passive states using Visustella Plugin

    How do we go about creating passive states with the new Visustella plugins? Does it function the same as the YEP plugin for MV? Because a lot of stuff seems to use the exact notetags?
  9. Speedvore

    RMMZ Event Label Not Disappearing (VisuStella Events Move Core)

    I'm using the VisuStella Events and Movements Core plugin to display labels above sprites on the map. I'd like to have the label disappear after a switch is turned on, but for some reason, the Event Label: Visible plugin command isn't working properly to do that. Here's the event I made: The...
  10. Speedvore

    Call a Common Event in the Equip Menu

    I'm looking for a way to call a common event on the Equip menu screen. Basically, I want the character portrait in the Equip screen to change as you equip armor, but I've only found a way to make this image change once you close the menu and open it back up (through a common event that's...
  11. Uzuki

    RMMZ [Visustella Skills & States Core] Help writing a couple of codes.

    Using Visustella Skills & States Core I want to do two things that I'm having a bit of difficulty figuring out. So for one when a state is removed I want to add a formula that will damage the target that removed the state using this notetag: Then for another formula that adds another state...
  12. Speedvore

    RMMZ [SOLVED] Changing Menu Text Size in VisuStella MainMenuCore

    I've been customizing the menu screens using VisuStella Core and Main Menu Core, and I'm looking to further customize them to change the font size of specific elements on the main menu. Right now I've successfully removed some of the text on the main menu screen by changing the code in the Line...
  13. MadChap

    RMMZ Message Core VisuStella - Porting dialogue from MV to MZ

    EDIT : Problem solved by Proxxie_Desu on post #6. Original post below: Hello. I am in the process of porting old projects from MV to MZ, and I've stumbled upon some problem that I thought could be fixed by plugin parameters, but I don't know how to do it. If you used Yanfly's plugin in MV...

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