1. Gravemaster

    Vlue's Basic Quest System Minor Modification

    I will include the 1.3 version of the script here, as the version one can find by just googling is 1.1. I think I originally got mine from a compilation of all of vlue's scripts as a steam workshop item, but I'm not sure. Anyway. A ) What I need changed, is the removal of any interaction on...
  2. Gravemaster

    Neon's Black's Items Effect Boxes Minor Modification for Weapons/Armors

    So... The script has already been changed once by Roninator 2, so I will be including the changed script here: (PS: I have his Features and Effects module installed, and I have experimenting with putting it above or below the other scripts, nothing changes). The script has already been...
  3. Red Metal

    Vlue's Advanced Time Help...

    Hello again. Yep, I have another issue that needs correcting; I recently had a go at installing Vlue's advanced time script, I managed to get my game to run in real time and have been messing around with lighting. I like the look of Victor Sant's shade script. Now... I'm trying to get...
  4. Mawichan

    Vlue's Paper Dolls - Changing Equipment with events

    Hi! I'm using this really cool script by Vlue - Paper Dolls (<----rgss3 script) It works well as is, but I noticed the visual changes only occur after I either open the menu scene or send the actor to another map. The problem with this is that I evented a character creator that changes the...
  5. bobadubub

    Vlue's Item Affixes error after save/load

    I have been trying to utilise the plugin found here: http://daimonioustails.weebly.com/item-affixes.html But when testing (Even in the provided demo project) I'm encountering an error. If I change the event script call from: $gameParty.addNewItem("weapon",Math.floor(Math.random()*4+1)) to...
  6. Gravemaster

    Vlue's Recipes assist (Advanced Recipe Crafting v1.2)

    Hey, so I've been using Vlue's Advanced Recipe Crafting for a while. The script works great, but I have two problems with it: 1)The script uses what is called "exp deprac", a system that reduces the crafting exp gained from crafting depending on the player's crafting level. can we make it so...
  7. I need support in Vlue's Basic options menu (RMVXACE).

    Hello, Basically, I want help in two different functionalities I want to add. I am a beginner in programming and don't know too much, as Ruby is my first experience in the area. For first, I would like to add an option in the options menu so I could allow the player to change a game variable's...
  8. Vis_Mage

    MV Remake of Vlue's Multiple Map Layers

    Hey! I was hoping that someone could help recreate Vlue's Multiple Map Layers script for MV. Here's a link to the script: http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/18740-multiple-map-layers/?hl=%2Bvlue%2B%2Bmap I'm hoping to transfer my current VxAce project to MV, however many of my maps make use...
  9. Daena Grey

    Common Event + Save = WRYYYYY

    I will be very very swift. After having spent quite a bit of time bringing my project up to completion-I have noticed that there is one nifty addition I could implement. Thanks to Vlue's Advanced Game Time script, and Yanfly's Save Engine, I thought that I could PERHAPS display, on the Save...
  10. Et3rniti

    Help with Vlue's Pets and Summons?

    No matter what I do, when I use a Medium Summon skill, no transformation occurs and the battle goes on as if nothing happened (except nothing actually did happen), effectively rendering both the skill and the actor's turn useless. I've seen that others have had trouble with getting Medium...
  11. Vis_Mage

    Vlue's Enchant System Edits

    Hello! I'm looking to have a couple of edits made to Sixth's Enchant System (Based off of Vlue's Randomizer system). The first edit has to do with the tag <enchant hide>. By default, any items/weapons/armor with this tag will be hidden from the enchant scene. I'm hoping that this can...
  12. Pr0ph3t

    Help with Vlue Advanced Game Time

    Hey guys, I am using Vlues advanced Game time and I have a minor issue. I have used YEA Core to change resolution to the max 640x480 and the shading to indicate time flow doesnt affect the extra pixels. I find no reference to resolution or overlay width and height in Vlues script. Does anyone...
  13. Jaymonius

    Help with Vlue's Formation Bonus script

    Hey there RPG Makerers. Or specifically RPG Makerer scripters.  Jaymonius here again, and in need of a little bit of assistance with one script. Vlue's Formation Bonus script, an amazing script it is. But there is two problems with it that I'm having at the current time. The first one is...
  14. Gravemaster

    Vlue's Recipe System Bugs

    The full name of the script is: Advanced Recipy Crafting System (v 1.2) The errors, along with their respective code lines are in the screenshots attached. Both errors occure when I attempt to open the "Crafting" window in the main menu. I have not changed anything in the script, so I have no...
  15. TetsuyaHikari

    Vlue's Basic Combo Attacks script crashing game

    First off, here's the script for reference: Now, originally I encountered an issue with this script when trying to create a counterattack skill. For whatever reason, every time my character would counterattack, it would immediately crash the game. Well, fortunately, Vlue was able to help me...
  16. ∊η∊ηra

    Vlue's Quest System Error

    With the Quest System I can get it to work fine with the default settings, but when I go to try and create a new quest and get it to run in the game, I get an error that says, "Cannot read property "1" of null" as soon as I test the project. I can't even make it to the title screen. I've gone...
  17. Screech1989

    Vlue's Complete Plugin Page

    These Plugins have been released, you can find the latest thread here   Vlue's Complete Plugin's   About Vlue also known as Vlue of Daimonious Tails is a great  scriptwriter and has been working on scripts for a while making various plugins for older RPG makers, and is now working on new Plugins...
  18. Screech1989

    Vlue's Plugin's (Crafting,Quests,Inventory,Time,Steal)

    Vlue's (Daimonious Tails) Complete Plugin's Vlue also known as Daimonious Tails is a great scriptwriter and has been working on scripts for a while making various plugins for older RPG makers, and is now working on new Plugins for MV, Here is a complete list of all his work. I did not make...
  19. Sinweaver

    [ACE]Yanfly Party System + Vlue Pet and Summon help needed

    What I wanted to achieve? Maximum actor in a battle is set to 4 actors. Some classes (i.e. warlock, hunter, etc) has summoning skill. Warlock can summon demons, hunter can summon animal companion. The pet and summons are actually actors that have been set aside and only exist for summoning...
  20. SoulOfRock

    I need help with 2 awesome scripts

    Hi, i have a problem using this script : Pets and Summons (Compatibility) v1.6 ,  I try to use, the script, with Falcao Pets Servants System 1.3, I, and i need them both to work, because the two scripts are awesome for my game, the error is this: Script "summon" line 183: TypeError ocurred...

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